What’s in my camera bag – Press/sports Photographer – THOMAS BOYD

What’s in my camera bag – Press/sports Photographer – THOMAS BOYD

Winner 2 EMPixx Gold Awards LA DP (ER, Boston Legal) filmed this Canon series. Sports Illustrated contributor Thomas Boyd is interviewed on a location shoot ...



pr01123 says:

What happened to Matthew Dae Smith; a skilled journalist who was
entertaining to watch.

bleyland629 says:

Pls sir can I have your gear 🙂 I will give you food in exchange 😀

NewAgeDirector says:

Great video keep up the good work.

moviemyles100 says:

i used to live in portland oregon

JackSmurthwaiteMedia says:

@DFMerlino Image Stabilisation – Basicaly lens that have “IS” reduces the
amount of lens shake when your hand or arm moves, helping create a sharper
picture in most cases

giry alunk says:

what is wrong with canon speedlight? why is he using nikon speedlight?
check at 0:50

stubones says:

Awesome fun and informative video.. many more please 🙂

Jonathan Maniago says:

@number1sfgiantsfan As far as I know, the 7D and T2i share the same 18MP
sensor, so I don’t think you’re really getting much improvement there
unless you’re specifically after the higher frame rate or weather sealing.
I’d go for the 70-200 f2.8 IS if I were you.

BM says:

could you tell me whats the music at around 3:11

number1sfgiantsfan says:

I have a t2i with a 75-300 4-5.6 (my first camera/tele lens). I’m torn
between buying a 70-200f2.8is used or a 7d body only. I can’t afford both,
so any suggestions?

jj9k says:


crysisguy05 says:

Cool guy!

Shadowcloud1 says:

The lens makes the biggest difference!

Steve Bailey says:

All I can say is that I wish I was still flexible enough to do the splits
like the present er at the end of the video.

Thanh Phạm says:

What battery did he said that lasts very long?

SciFiSanta01 says:

Haha, I’ve shot with this guy. He’s awesome!

mitsubishidiamante says:

those lense are expensive!

Austin Kirkland says:

PORTLAND!!!!! 😀 I live in Bend, both amazing places to get some phenomenal

packyourkit says:

IS = Image Stabilization

JAFrk says:

@lbthai he probably has all of his lenses filtered and probably (probably)
has accidental insurance on all of his lenses so honey badger dont care : )
but now im definitely going to get the 24-105 f/4 IS now that hes
recommended it. It was that or build a full prime set up (although im
running a crop sensor so meh) canon..wheres my 5D MIII????!

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