Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding Photoshoot

Brett Florens at work.



fotoshoppe says:

Nice work Brett.

vxAREKxv says:

Canon it’s beter

colofeel says:


Brett Florens says:

Thanks so much for your kind comments – I have recently released a tutorial
DVD check it out on my web site

Mario Beky says:

really fine work. keep up.

nick21parklane says:

Canon everywhere you know that right! Very good work.

Kamil Razali says:

I like this song <33 what is the title ?

David Sobik says:

Good to see you using a Nikon!!

Sparvar1 says:

Absolutely love the tune… and of course the pics!

marathonspirit says:

you look really involved. I like your work!

Brett Florens says:

Thanks – Tree63 A million lights Great song!

dRuvo photoartist says:


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