wedding photography location session example – see me in action

wedding photography location session example – see me in action

see me in action - get creative wedding photos on location make sure you watch it to the end as it gets better later these are some ideas on how to get weddi...



AcademyPhotography says:

they are more than happy! :)

Dave Jr says:

Awesme job! question: do you ever use servo mose? and or back button focus,
from a beginner here :)

Mike G says:

am a beginner what filter do you use….

jim mcdowell says:

Good job! I enjoyed the video. I do have one question. How do you get the
wedding party to not rush the photos? Any wedding I have done they want top
rush through the photos to get to the reception. Any Ideas? Thanks.

AF0093 says:

Great video and just amazing photos! I can relate to your happiness because
when we know we have those beautiful wowing shots it makes us happy. Keep
bringing these in the field tutorials! Cheers from Chicago, Zoe 

Bonnie Herschmiller says:

Excellent !! 

digitalartwerks says:

I never do weddings, but I enjoyed this a lot. Thanks for sharing.

Tony Fernandez says:

Your a natural my friend, excellent work here. 

James Stonley says:

great photos and some excellent guidance here. Do you shot on manual focus

Stephanie Claasen says:

I am inspired

Prasath Padmanaban says:

nice, i think couple cooperation is also good

Paul Holmes says:

I enjoyed this video very much. It was great to see how well you interacted
with the customers (just a pity the groom wasn’t up for the Dirty Dancing
pose). I think you have enforced what I was told by a wedding photographer
friend that it’s 50% communication, 30% direction skills and 20%
photography knowledge. 

rc2011ish says:

excellent!! thx for sharing!!

eccs19 says:

I enjoyed this video. I have one small question. Do you always use bare
flash when doing these shoots, or do you ever use an umbrella? I know it
was very windy that day, so I can understand why you used bare flash for
this session.

John B says:

they were so into the photography. I bet they made your job so much easier.

Michaud Lormil says:

Oops. I didn’t notice you had the speedlight off camera

Jibz Alom says:

Great video. Just wanted to ask to you enhance the sky in lightroom or
photoshop. The sky is grey in the video but in the final images the sky is
bright blue?


Neil Franklin says:

Great video yet again you are so talented and one of the best tutors on
here in my opinion 🙂 Amazing great clear shots everyone you have shown was
very good . I personally am not a fan of the more cheesy posers and shots
but I am sure your client knows best as always . I will look forward to
your next video ..Thanks again :)


wow very very nice…thanks…

Shawn Huff says:

I’m about to shoot my first paid wedding. Thanks for posting. This gave
me inspiration for my upcoming event. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! You’re

sonia urquiza says:

Supper loved it ur awesome 

Traingineer says:

The video camera which was used in the wedding has quite a lot of CA.

Giles Hastie says:

I really like your style of wedding photography and these videos. Too many
photo training vids are brash & arrogant for my liking. I agree with you
that we all need to keep learning from each other, no matter what level we
are at. I also find the way you pronounce ‘photography’ very calming! 😉

Laurentiu Pal says:

Hi! I’m a beginner in the photography field and I wanna know, why are you
using two cameras ?

Ali Sharifi says:

Hi can you please tell us what was your camera setting?
thanks for the video

Isc Multimedia says:

superb shots

Haring Sining King says:

it’s official, you’re now one of my idols Mr. Tudor. :3 two thumbs up and
two toes up! :3 Thanks for inspiring me. :3

Bobby Mathiwathanan says:

You are the best Christian

ram casty says:

Your Amazing!

Yogesh khakhar says:

first of all thank you so much to share such a nice `live shooting and
great wedding poses’ with us.i think you enjoyed each moments of the photo
session thats why the result is 100 out 100.pls keep it up , i am eagerly
waiting for your next live shoot.thank you so much again.

Cherestes Janos says:

I like the 90% of the pictures, but in my opinion the post processing is
not your strongest point. 

Edwin Gonzalez says:

Great video. Took some great information with me for my next photo shoot.
Thank you. 

dgd264 says:

You are an amazing photographer, love your vids.

Lee Ellerker says:

I see a filter on your lens what is this and what purpose dose it serve
please, great vid!

Shahid Ali says:

Hey great man you have great ideas thanks to share us.this…

Steven Scholten says:

cool video Christian. thanks

Kerri Cutting says:

This was fantastic! I am brand new to the idea of shooting weddings and was
very inspired by you and your energy. Thanks so much for sharing this

ulecha4 says:


ngahoangln says:

One more question if you don’t mind. Did you shoot with the center AF point
and recompose or did you use the outer AF points?

beentold says:

What an inspirational video and such great pictures! It was a pleasure to
watch and I sometimes just couldn’t help grinning at the joy you gave not
only to the couple and the guests but also the joy you gave yourself when
making those great pictures.

Gaza Kartel says:

very nice working with the couple and ideas…very relaxed but just not a
fan of the edits

Simon Everett says:

Awesome Christian exactly what we needed great job.

Paul Dyer says:

great work

peejosity0 says:

They all sound australian!

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