Walking with John Free in the Streets! Very Informative Stuff Street Photography Tips

Walking with John Free in the Streets! Very Informative Stuff Street Photography Tips

http://www.johnfreephotography.com/ Street Photography Tips, Techniques, and Workshops John Free is a social documentary/street photographer who lives in Los...



Mindgamez says:

Anyone know how to spell the name of the photographer mentioned at 1:46Kartay Versont?

xyla aqsa says:

20 degree shift… WHAT A CROAK OF SHIT….

heyitsablackguy says:

I’ve always believed this. Everytime I go out and shoot anywhere, I take
the belief that this world is ours. We came into this world to enjoy
something. So if people hate guys who photograph the city life are just a
bunch of lifeless zombies. It’s our world and we can do as please in it!

sunrise93pool says:

Thanks for the video.
I am not a photographer. I just like learning photography from people in
the Internet.
Today I went to take a walk in my neighborhood with my little compact
camera and took a couple of landcape shots…
When I was walking in a very calm park there were 2 guys sitting in a bench
and a dog was playing around them while they were talking to each other in
a friendly and intimate way, so I saw a picture, but I did not feel
confortable with the idea of getting closer and disturbing them or with the
reaction that they could have, so I did not take my camera out. The 20
degree advice would not work here… they would see me immediatly.
After that I saw a old man with a long beard sitting in a bus stop. It was
just him and me, and he looked at me with a strong and deep look and began
hitting the ground with his cane, not because he was angry, but because he
was watching what my reaction was. He wanted to call my atention. I could
not take this one either.
What’s your biggest advice for taking almost any picture of someone you
don’t know? How do you deal with taking someone’s photo while they are
watching you? Do you usually ask for permission before taking a shot? What
attitude whould I have while shooting? and finelly, what’s the main
reaction from people who catch you taking his photo?

Nils Külper says:

Just listen to his interesting thoughts…

tekhiun says:

I photograph pidgeons 🙁 

Gunther Berghof says:

good street photos are the toughest specially in places like L.A. , Bronx
or Detroit , you can see the hard labour in the face of John Free ,I
understand that man completely

Stuart Warrent says:

Walking with John Free in the Streets! Very Infor…:

Seamus Griffin says:

inspiring video, a day never passes when I don’t have my hands on a camera
even if I don’t take a picture, I’m thinking about taking it.. :D


this guy is awesome 

TheEndlessVariables says:

Jared Polin “Fro konws photo” 4:59?

EATB80 says:

22:29 “It’s Eric Kim!” HAhahahHHahaaa! They couldn’t be more different.
Eric will walk right up to you, flash blaring right in your face. A quick
thank you, a quick get-a-way. John works it differently. I loved his
interaction with the woman at the bus stop. No need to offend anyone. 

Lanza Martineta says:

bravery and thriving on the ability to get over trepidation- Photography
gold. The smile tip is excellent. The world on the street is a constantly
rotating film reel. What I want to know is other than capturing it and self
delight. When will photographers utilising homed skills really be welcomed
with open arms in modern day galleries. I know unequivocally that we are

Ruben Bologna says:

Nice video John ,hope to see you here in Italy

Mike Williams says:

Did you get shot of the black guy with the Chinese hat, John?

Ian Richardson says:

Good to watch. I like the “raw-ness” of the video. It’s real. Thanks John.

Demotix News says:

Thanks for this John, we have adding this to our Demotix playlist!

Agostino Maiello says:

Director, next time please get off the boat. :-)) Other than that,
excellent tips and observations by Mr Free, I really enjoyed this video.

Leya R says:

Enjoyed this

Chris Hoyt says:

Thank you, Very informative. The cameraman seems to be having some issues,

Murray White says:

This guy has great enthusiasm and is a brilliant communicator. But he
misses a lot of great subjects. What about the black guy at the bus stop
with rasta locks and a Vietmanese hat? Beautiful funky subject. He ends up
shooting a couple of mothers with their strollers….. The cops on the
corner looked like pretty good subjects too. He looks uncomfortable on the
street frankly. Maybe because he has a videographer trailing him around.

MrAlien says:

Great video I’d really like to see more like this

Thomas Marthinsen says:

Interesting points from John Free

#photography #video #nikon #F3 

Kevin Moore says:

Truth be told I only came across this guy very recently. He makes a lot of
sense; in photography and some life tips in here too. I am very interested
in street photography but, this is Northern Ireland. We grew up in a cloud
of distrust and suspicion, in some very troubled times. Hopefully gone
forever, but that mistrust still remains.

Street photography can be ‘dodgy’ at the best of times but here in the
north, well, there are additional parameters. Additional risks. Or maybe,
as John says, I’m just afraid. Maybe I’m using where i live and the history
as an excuse. Maybe Derry is no different to any other city.

We don’t do irate here. We do a slap in the mouth. Don’t misunderstand me.
We are, like the rest of this island very friendly. We welcome visitors
with open arms. We embrace them with the ubiquitous ‘craic agus ceol’.
But stick a camera in someone’s face or photograph the wrong person. I
don’t know.

Is it me? Is it Derry? Or is this a problem in any and every city? Any

#ireland #streetphotography #derry #doire #johnfree #johnfreephotography 

Anthony Moore says:

For the street photographers out there, some inspiration and guidance. Some
wise words and a good moral…give back.

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