Understanding White balance tips for Dslr Photography By Dom Bower

Understanding White balance tips for Dslr Photography By Dom Bower

http://www.dombowerphoto.blogspot.com This video give some tips to remember and understand how to use white balance with your digital slr camera. copyright d...



zeageat Pram says:

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nominated album the truth about love available now – music video by p!nk
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Lorik Zeqiraj says:

The fuji looks like a Nikon

brt5470 says:

@yookiefooka What you said is also true. I’m correct as well.

Matt Palmer says:

Great song choice mate!

dombower says:

damn it! just when i think i must have covered everthing…. no white
balance has no effect with lense it is all about how the sensor interprets
the colours,

delsoul2003 says:

outstanding video, only one I found that explains for us beginners without
missing any small details and in layman’s terms.

dombower says:

hahahaha! its way off because freezing is not 0 degrees and boiling is not
100, and is fahrenheit american? cos with a name like that it sounds more
german to me

vcbabis says:

The absolute zero temperature is -273,16 degrees celcius.

11ten071 says:

outstanding explanation good delivery and very informative,Thanks!

dombower says:

By eck thats a bit chilly!

brt5470 says:

0 K is -273 C

Subodh Joshi says:

Thanks. Nice Video. BTW, 0 degree Celsius = 273.15 kelvin.

lopezae33 says:

why does fahrenheit have to be “way off” always hating on the Americans. lol

tadej172 says:

Does WB change with diferent lenses?

peer1357860 says:

Great video DOM you explained well the different light attributes by merely
using your flat, simplicity, NICE. I’m looking to gain mastery and
awareness using magenta, blue etc, any vids on these would be great.

Lai829 says:

i am learning so much from you! just watching ur vids! keep em coming!

Steve K says:

Dom – Thanks. I was never really clear on WB until now. Thank you very much.

dombower says:

amazing isn’t it

simon3102000 says:

a booonsun burner lol 🙂 great explanation. White balance is doing my head
in espesh when i go into a shady area and select shade the image just looks
so orange, autowhite balance looks spot on though.

Zeno C says:


dombower says:

@slammindeejay you have to take a white/gray card photo every time you
change direction, every time a sun goes behind a cloud or behind a tree or
starts to set, when you change from ambient to flash bla bla bla, it is
handy but only if you are in a controled lighting situation like a studio.
or outside with no change in weather

loganistan says:

I am an amateur photographer that has been looking into buying a new DSLR
camera. The information on your video was very helpful. Thanks a lot!

tadej172 says:

LOL. I just asked a simple question, and I’m still getting lots of
minuses.. what a strange world this is.

yookiefooka says:

@brt5470 you got it the other way around, 0 degree celsius is 273 kelvin

dombower says:

girlfriend is away on holiday visiting family so got to spend my time some
how, and cant go to the gym as legs are agony from the menshealth race on

docadify says:

Great….like usual.

TheCreativeGeek says:

just gave you a + lol

brt5470 says:

Damn Straight, I think the closest we’ve gotten is like
0.00000000000000000000003 K at MIT. I thought I’d add, I read that the
colour relates to the temperature and colour of iron. It gets blue and
eventually white as it hits 7000-8000k.

Fernando A. Gallegos says:

K = °C + 273,15 😉 you couldn’t beat the s5 eh jajaja regards!

rocklobster2112 says:

Fahrenheit is so lame, but we Americans have been so ingrained with miles,
feet, gallons, inches, yards, and this temperature method, it’s impossible
to get away from it. Fahrenheit is even wrong by it’s own methodology: The
dude who made it wanted 100 degrees to be the normal body temperature, but
he had a fever when he took his own temp. So, instead of 100, it’s 98.6.
What do you do? 😀 Great vid, Dom. I’ll be messing with my white balance

lopezae33 says:

its does sound german huh?? well what do you expect from a country formed
by refugees. :-)) my people are indigenous to this country so who cares
about its retarded “founding fathers”

Levi Mazereeuw says:

thanks the thing with the chemistry helpt a lot understanding the blu!!

SyphonFilterr says:

Good basic video to learn for newbie like me 🙂

anybizfinder says:

Ok, I totally just posted a video response to your vide on white
balancing…and not sure how but I did, so ignore it if you can!

Youming Chen says:

This is the easiest WB explanation I’ve ever heard. Keep the tips coming!

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