Trick Photography and Special Effects

Trick Photography and Special Effects

Learn how to do all these special Effect and trick photographs with this impressive guide grab your copy here



Superkiller says:

This video is sooo awesome. Ur soo good at photoshop and special effects.

Sayoc Ninja says:

Awesome man some of these pictures are really trippy and I can use these
special effects for editing videos

smithyyq says:

thankyou so much, my laptop is always infested with these!

MrOfficialZ - funny gaming videos says:

Nice video mate I really enjoyed it it was very good well done very good

HomeOfTheHackers says:

So amazing bro! Keep up the outstanding work man! COOL!

WWE2K15 Prediction says:

omg this video is very very good.thank you for uploading this video helps
me a lot thank i mus’t subscribe to your channel,extra

BecomingNose says:

now this is what i liike to see, stuff thats teaches me 

Felix Bodden says:

Really nice effects you got there, this can take a lot of practice.

iDaveStan says:

this is a great video man thank you for the upload this is great.

georgy barret says:

Hey! Do you know what? This video is incredibly awesome!! Keep up the good
work man! ;)

ImNotAnOrangeImRiley says:

All of those pictures were amazing at the beginning so thanks for the
tutorial and I can’t wait to get started.

Górnictwo Geologia says:

looks interesting i think i’m gonna try it but first have to buy good
camera haha

Abdullah Abubakar says:

this is an awesome video i like the pictures and the special effects make
more videos 

ImYourAverageGuy says:

Amazing video man i appreciate you taking your time and uploading this 🙂
Keep up the good work.

Penny Smith says:

Wow from now on i can easily make my own photos with Trick Photography and
Special Effects

bolt thunder says:

Nice work dude.
This is great work.
Keep up the great job

Stylo RGH says:

Omg this worked for me thx dude awesom video go on with ure work
U are a beast 

Alana Lintao says:

this is so coolllll i’m taking photoshop classes this is what I wanna do

Observ Cruising says:

Great guide it helped me take some awesome pictures 

Waseem Mughal says:

Great photography love this amazing work dude keep it up and please make
more to keep inspiaring me and making me want to make my own! 

Taylos noneedtoknow says:

wow,very helpfull,you just teach me something usefull,thanks for sharing
this :D

Mire Sh says:

This video really helps. Thanks on it. Keep it up and make more.

BigE Nigg says:

this video was so sick man your epic man keep it up bro your sick

esha bhakat says:

this is great I never knew how easy it was to do trick photograpy this
will be very usefull for when I want to take awsome photos

BatmanArkhamCDKey says:

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piracy end says:

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CaptainTheKidd says:

You really need to be talented in thinking and photoshop and compositing to
achieve some of the pics you posted ! I am not unfortunately…

xxNichibahNxx says:

Awesome Pictures man, Love your special effects

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