Three Point Lighting

Three Point Lighting

Instructional video produced by CMP (Corporate Media Production) students at Seneca College for myself as a client. This will be shown to future 1st term stu...



Jason Honingford says:

These people need to watch the how-to video on acting and video editing.

FrivolousShara says:

Was this filmed in the 90’s?? Lol! Good information though.

Kiat I. says:

A great teaching video for teaching lighting setup. 

Marvin Joseph says:

great this really helps 

David Soi says:

Were to,the Video go..

Dion Zandstra says:

Hahah hilarious how he’s letting the woman do all the work… Feminism

Jiabin Qin says:

3 point lighting

Erick Cruz says:


Erick Cruz says:


FlamingFurie says:


Ev3ryDayGam1ng says:


Randomflickrfilms says:

Id rail her

Donald Louis says:

Anyone else notice the poster in the background @ 4:30

Javan Grant says:

nicole is sexi

grommet1987 says:

ugh..duct tape on cords….

utoobsta says:

Very informative!

Miguel Sanchez says:

She looks cute! Nice info i really liked it.

John McCormick says:

Excellent. 7JEM dot com

Marian F. says:

Nicole is so pretty 🙂

MoCampbellFilms says:

Good stuff

winkipinky says:

Great video tutorial guys!! thanks

เมืองสิม สินสิทธ์ says:


BeanieBros says:


hypnos315 says:

I wish I was her mic pack

David Batterson says:

Everyone looks equally awkward.

Joshua Boyd says:

Thanks Gleen thanks Nickole thanks Matt

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