Pro Optic Filters: Product Reviews: Adorama Photography TV

Pro Optic Filters: Product Reviews: Adorama Photography TV

Adorama Photography TV presents Pro Optic UV and polarizing filters. UV filters are great for blocking UV rays, as well as protecting the precious glass of y...



Damien Cal says:

It looks like he knows a lot about filters

Uscbryan949 says:

I’m late to the party and by no means an expert. But I have been reading a
lot about photography and from what I understand Digital isn’t sensitive to
UV. Now the protecting the lens makes some sense except to me you are
covering 2000$ worth of glass and technology with a 100$ piece of glass. In
my logic that defeats some of the purpose of buying pro glass. But my logic
could be flawed. I say just keep your lens hood on for some protection.
Personally I’ll take my chances with my good glass

aluxious says:

@remyramml sorry i don’t get your point. if you buy a good filter, say the
$100 B+W one, it could help in saving you repairs that’ll cost $200 or so
during a drop. This is specially true for lenses like the 70-200 or 24-70.
If with IS, yeah I agree it will cost more.

Kweamod says:

what about example pictures??

AtterKing says:

And it just so happens that Adorama sell all the products shown today. Send
them to QVC next time.

ClankyRochet says:

@ZagatoZee wow you know a lot why don’t you do something useful. People got
to earn there living.

verafly6 says:

@ClankyRochet uhh, English please?

zoltangz1 says:

It’s all nice to talk about filters, but I wish Mark would have mentioned
about the PROPER filter to use, not just pushing the Adorama filters .. and
that is ANTIGLARE COATED filter, specifically made by Schneider B+W
filters, which are FAR more expensive then those he quoted in the video.
The purpose of an antiglare coating on a filter is the same as the coating
on the lens, meaning eliminating extra reflections caused by an extra piece
of glass on the front of the lens element !

remyramml says:

@dingo27mobile lens repair…

verafly6 says:

i didnt know someone could talk about filters for 6 straight minutes

dingo27mobile says:

@remyramml 70-200L lens for 100 bucks? Where?

asapsteve says:

I have to remember this is Adorama TV not “what’s the best product” or “how
to get the best image” TV. NEVER PUT CHEEP GLASS in front of your lens! He
did say it was a consumer product I guess. Whatever… FAIL

remyramml says:

Guys, that Video is a big fail! Repairing a lens costs the same as a good
UV filter. Poor product review…

zrsgamboa says:

IMHO, the best and strongest protective filters are Hoya HD Filters. It has
8 layers of multi-coating over hi-density pro-grade glass. They retail for
about US$70. Just search “Hoya HD Filter” and see some cool videos testing
its strength.

DIVYA Sharma says:

if you can please upload a video of interference filter

TheDigitalG says:

I only have HOYA HD on my lenses, no loss of image quality but does protect
a lot!

remyramml says:

@aluxious A 70-200mm L lens starts at around 100 USD… typically people
pay around 150 USD for replacement. Could go up if the IS or more internal
elements need replacement of course.

ChemicalArts says:

Two things: 1. It’s called a circular polarizing filter because it filters
circularly polarized light, not because you can rotate it. 2. Any type of
polarizing filter is going to remove half of the light coming into the
lens, so you lose one full stop when you use one.

ClankyRochet says:

@verafly6 No adorama No digital photography 1 on 1. Don’t like it don’t
watch. I find this interesting because I’m new to Dslr and many other are

aluxious says:

@remyramml If your lens is el cheapo then what you said is true. But if you
have any of the expensive lenses, repairs cost much more than a B+W MRC
F-pro filter.

WylunCustoms says:

I just bought a lens from adorama that had finger prints and dust all over
it, good job adorama, i guess who ever held it before me didnt have a
filter on it

jameslcr says:

they are a business at the end of the day and they have to sell stuff to
stay in business adorama bring us excellent tutorials 😀

eapradius says:

Good job Mark has always! I am new to photography and your “free” tutorials
are priceless and whenever I visit NYC I will visit the Adorama store and
support it! And for the persons who are complaing there are other
photography youtube pages you can subscribe to if you are not satisfied
with Adorama’s page.

ZagatoZee says:

wow, a horribly misleading video from Adorama. A UV filter does nothing
visually beneficial on a digital camera, its only purpose is to be a
sacrificial layer for your lens. In most cases, a (cheap/crap) UV filter
can cause image issues. If you use your lenses on a Digital SLR and a Film
SLR, then the UV filter makes sense from an imaging point of view – but
only when used on the film body. As is with everything, you get what you
pay for. Buy quality if you must get one at all.

dllawson says:


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