Photoshop CS6 for the Photographer

Photoshop CS6 for the Photographer

Tim Grey will give you an overview of a powerful photo-optimization workflow using Photoshop CS6. The following topics will be covered: • Using adjustment la...



David Burns says:

Teachers like Tim come along very infrequently. Masterful delivery,
consummate knowledge, great humor, impeccable English and something else,
but I can’t remember what that was … thankfully I am old and use that as
an excuse. I would sign up for his class in a heartbeat if he taught
anywhere near me. Thanks Tim!

Rahmat Rad says:

thanks a lot

Murray Wearne says:

at last a manual for electronic software 2013

lol whittingham says:

great tutorial, BUT !!!.a pity the ‘b & h ‘ motif in the bottom right hand
corner obscured some of the visuals I wanted to see.

anyway, thanks for it. lol whittingham

Javier Romero says:

very informative, Thanks for sharing!

matt poles says:

For all the nerds!

Joerg Rockenberger says:

Good video tutorial about Photoshop CS6 for Photographers by +Tim Grey.

Photoshop CS6 for the Photographer

Kristian Peetz - Photography says:

*Photoshop CS6 workflow*
Photoshop CS6 for the Photographer

Azad. Se says:


wolfcrow says:

Two Hour Lecture on how to use Photoshop: Photoshop CS6 for the Photographer

Klyne Burr says:

I noticed on your website that Photoshop CS6 was roughly $500 but Photoshop
CS6 extended was around $250… why?

justjumper says:

Great video! Please please move your B&H logo it is so distracting. Thank

Eric Sareyka says:

That was cool! ++ And you are cool, Tim Grey!

B and H says:

Which version of Photoshop are you using? From what I am finding is this
technique was not available in curves until after CS3. Dana G

Макс Стрельцов says:

Little too long, but Tim is really cool 🙂 Interesting things, also.

SubgunsVegas says:

Awesome information and well presented !

Timothy John Aguilar says:

That was great!!!

Stephen Lewis says:

This is very nice! I love these BH classes, but i have noticed that most of
them are “beginner” or “basics” level. Any chance you might schedule some
more advanced classes?

tonycstech says:

Who can afford photoshop anyway ?

Henrique Pinto says:

Its off line?

Tmsworkshop says:

Very useful, thanks!!

Photog60 says:

Edit your photo and then save the result as a Jpeg in 11 or 12 quality. You
still have the RAW if you want to do it over.

B and H says:

@cruxado Yes we do – please see Tim Grey’s Adobe Lightroom 4 tutorial that
was shot in our Event Space.

Felix Wong says:

One person shoots solely on hipstagram.

Huh? what?? uhhhhh......aaaaaaaaaaarghhhh!?!?!? says:

Hey Harry, that damn B&H logo is hiding where he is actually alt clicking..
DONT alt click on the curve, instead alt click on the teeny tiny house
shaped arrow (hershey kiss?) located below the white to black tone at the
bottom of the curve. YOU’RE WELCOME

Edit Effect Line says:

hello, where can i find Sweet 15 templates for After Effects

B and H says:

Please contact Tim Grey directly at office[at] Thanks for

Priscila G says:

What if you have a Raw file and them crop and save into JPEG, am i gonna
lose quality?

marcohordijk says:

Tim Grey is funny and useful. Can we keep him?

Franklin Wang says:

Hi – great tutorial. quick question: what’s the difference between if I do
some editing in the camera raw dialog window and if I do it in the actual
photoshop? Like is there any difference between adjusting exposure using
the raw dialog and doing it with adjustment layers?

B3H says:

really? i couldnt really stand his slow presentation style filled with
awkward jokes noone laughed at. And the worse thing was that some in the
audience were pickin up on that humour and randomly heckling him making it
more awkward. Personally, i think it’s annoying having this taught to like
math to some 3rd grader.

Isaac Cortés González says:

Yeah whatever, it is another overrated software for image editing,just keep
puting chains to yourselves long life to GIMP+Inkscape.MyPaint, Digia, Cine
Paint and etc. even so it’s a great presentation by this sir, don’t get me
wrong I don’t dislike this video I dislike this software.

OlliChad Ryan says:

it took me a while but with your helped i managed to put the 2 photostreams
together on my channel thanks man ! I have posted them as a video response
for any1 to check out

John Lentz says:

Great video. Let’s get a little more advanced please…less novice info. I
might suggest the audience questions be held to the end of the session (so
I can stop watching the video then). Audience questions are a waste of time.

pedalman says:

Looks like adobe is going ahead with their yearly subscription for their
software ,if you want to use it you will be “renting” photoshop in future
and its very expensive. Ill be looking elsewhere once I cant upgrade and
dumping adobe.

dochollidayda says:

More tutorials from Tim Grey please. I wish to attend his tutorials in
person, he has a great sense of humor and a comprehensive knowledge of

module8music says:

Thanks so much Tim. This has been so helpful.

B and H says:

I am very sorry, I’ve checked Adobe user forums and cannot find a solution
for you. Maybe another user reading this may have some experience with this
issue. C h u c k askbh{at}bandh{dot}com

hnjdk says:

Amazing guy, with at great sense of humor. More tutorials from him – please.

George Chan says:

Great watch! Tim Grey is funny and real! A must watch over!

Andy Hutchinson says:

Great video, annoying audience members making useless suggestions.

B and H says:

The version around $250. is most likely the Student Teacher version. Same
software but different licensing. The full version of Photoshop Extended is
around $900. Dana G. askbh{at}bandh{dot}com

ThatKSMan says:


Randell John says:

A really excellent presentation Tim, that was fun to watch. You’ve made the
use of layer masks very easy to understand and I learned a lot from
watching. I use CS5 and can’t stack the layer groups but I think this
addition into CS6 is really useful.

Dino Christou says:

Possibly the best and most useful PS tutorial I have found on the web.
Thank you very much for this.

Dinahhs3 says:

Great thanks B&H

Goran Validžić says:

Harry witch PS do you have. Old version PS dont have clipping preview.

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