Photography Tutorials: Landscape photography- Sunsets

Photography Tutorials: Landscape photography- Sunsets

See and buy my Photos at: Video on how to take pictures of sunsets. Camera used in the film is the nikon d300, nik...



D. Allen Martin says:

You lost me when you said not to shoot in RAW mode. If you know what you
are doing with your editing software, RAW mode can permit you to make
corrections to exposure, deepen the shadows and contrast of the shot, and
other things that are not an option to play with when editing a JPG.

Learn to Click says:

Excellent video with loads of great information – thanks!

Print My Image says:

I love sunset/rise photos. Here I have sourced a great video on how to do
it correct. Yes I am watching.

evolon8 says:

@DonWito84 Completely agree! There have been plenty of times when shooting
landscape where I’ve missed on my settings on the first or second shot,
but, the comp was my best shot! RAW always brings it back with ALL the

Allan Zepeda says:

everytime you edit the .jpeg image you losse quaility from compression and
youmight increase your noise levels when you raise contrast or shadows for
a little HDR effect, of course for that youll obviously use autobracketing
, good video though 😉

B. Jack says:

RAW allows you to always adjust almost every setting you used and you can
go back as many times as you like to create all kinds of different moods by
adjusting temp. tint. sat. etc etc… Lr – ACR or any decent raw converter.

MEESH810 says:

i think that dude is a peot ;p .. !!

World2010Traveller says:

Excellent video, Thanks a lot. My understanding is that RAW files have all
the info, which could be modified in Photoshop later.. If you shoot in RAW
format, you could change it later to JPEG, but not vice versa. It is a
larger file but if you have enough space on your memory card, why not take
full advantage?

skipperliviu says:

Long live “Manual Mode!”

QQQQcon says:

@01665714717 I have a review on filters for landscape photography. I didnt
want to make this video any longer than it already is. i know the camera
has nothing to do with getting good pics that is not why i use the d3x. The
mamiya cant get the angles i want. I shoot most of my pics at 14mm. The
wides the mamiya can go I believe is around 28mm.

Mark T says:

@newsbatavian I have to agree with you. RAW is like a digital negative, it
keeps its quality forever. As with JPEG, it loses quality everytime you do
any kind of post editing to the image. Why shoot at a lower quality when
the camera is capable of so much more.

QQQQcon says:

@Jacob011 not really, raw is the best format for most everyone but because
of that people tend to over exaggerate its ability

QQQQcon says:

@selant07 I didnt say jpeg is better, why do you people always assume just
because I shoot jpeg i think it is better. I really dont care about 8 vs 16
bit,I have never seen much of a difference, the pics I get with 8 are
plenty good enough. i dont edit my photos so therefore i dont use raw, it
is really easy to understand, it has nothing to do with which is better.

citizenofvirginity says:

@aeroub He does not use RAW because he “knows” what he is doing. RAW is
essentially for those who don’t know how to utilize the functionality of
the camera to make a decent picture. Though I agree RAW is a good file
format; it gives you great result; indeed better quality than JPEG(unless
you are not good at setting your camera for appropriate shooting situation
to make a good picture), RAW takes up a lot of memory data, hence this can
impede the camera’s ability to process.

QQQQcon says:

@selant07 it is not required and normal people arent going to know the
difference between a tiff and jpeg. I am not trying to impress other
photographers and tech geeks, if you want to do that then you can see the
difference with tiff.

Tory Ho says:

here’s my opinion about sunsets and weather. only a good photographer never
complains about the weather. they only deal with it, and still make the
shot look good.

evolon8 says:

@QQQQcon I know I don’t hate on JPEG shooters. Personally I could care less
what someone else shoots. I just don’t get the argument… It’s all about
processing power and clearly RAW is superior. Does it make it “better” than
JPEG? I say, if your JPEG is spot-on technically on and your RAW is spot-on
as well…let the photos speak for themselves. I shoot RAW because I want
to develop my shots myself and have the flexibility to take my shots where
I want to artistically.

Jacob011 says:

LOL, seems like JPEG vs RAW is a big controversy in the world of
photography. (i’m a raw-shooter, btw 🙂

SabreMatt311 says:

I like your tutorials. Very informative. Keep up the good work.

QQQQcon says:

@WestCoastMods I like the images i get out of the camera better then when I
edit, simple as that.

QQQQcon says:

@androsce I find that using Low 1.0 gives me much cleaner blue skies. I
dont see any difference in image quality.

edge2lyfe says:

@nashsnazzy RAW = for people who can’t get it right the first time.

heysalovesyah says:

your so adorable! 🙂

QQQQcon says:

@pixcellz like i havent heard that before, whatever you say

Alex Neagoe says:

The tutorial is good, but i do not agree with the RAW part(as jpeg is made
out of the raw image, the only thing is that the camera processes the
picture rather than you) I own a d200 and i see no point of shooting JPEG
as raw produces a bit sharper photos and the noise can be removed withmuch
better results than with in camera noise reduction, more to that RAW has a
wider dinamic range so it again easier to correct a picture. And you can
include outlines/silhouette to a sunset composition.

SwimmingUpCurrents says:

I love all the critter sounds in the background. The owl hooting, the
crickets chirping… Awesome 🙂 This guy really knows his camera settings,
too. It was honestly fun to hear him nerding out on his camera for ten
minutes, so thanks for that!

newsbatavian says:

I’ve shot a lot of sunsets in JPEG. There’s one memorable picture that
should have been great, but the gradients just lacked the subtly I would
like to have achieved. Not long ago, I switched to always shooting in RAW.
I won’t go back to JPG. RAW has greater control and subtly. I liked
everything about this video, but like previous commenters, when the
question of file format came up, I nearly choked. I’ve got to say, for any
kind of landscape photography, RAW is the only way to go.

Dave plum says:

i love your video,, great job !! 🙂 Q– what is your suggested camera
lense for the begginer/newbie like me,,to take a nice landscape photo ..tnx

evolon8 says:

@Rednelm I don’t know if this statement is for or against RAW. I think
against? And if so, I understand where you are going with this statement,
but, there is a flaw in the logic. RAW or JPEG, if you are off with your
settings initially then it doesn’t matter either way; It will be the same
shot! However, JPEG will just process or “edit” the image inside the camera
for you, where RAW lets you develop it yourself. And if the shot is off,
RAW gives you more hope in recovering the shot.

Rednelm says:

@DonWito84 I have to disagree there. I think it’s like when you’re
recording a singer. Software can do wonders, but it’s always better to have
the best recording before editing it. I imagine it’s the same with pictures.

Michael Allen says:

you don’t want to be using lo1 iso on a d300, iso200 is the base iso. lo/hi
should be avoided really

myunknownfriend210 says:

Hi, Umm im pretty much a newbie lol I’ve been told I have an excellent eye
for photography and creativity, but theres only one problem. I KNOW NOTHING
ABOUT “DIGITAL CAMERAS” lol or atleast the ACTUAL good ones with the pixels
and all that junk. Anyway, im 15 and im very passionate about nature, and
portraits and stuff but I just wanna know the BEST camera there is…. and
my budget is anything UNTIL $650. If u know of any ones that are great and
maybe cost a bit less, PLZ let me noe! 😀 thnx <3

WestCoastMods says:

@QQQQcon Sorry bro, I read you comment to fast and misunderstood it. My
apologies. If i may ask, why do you not shoot in RAW or both, that way if
you need to make some adjustments you have all the data. just curious

restockfoul says:

whats wrong with a big orange ball?

Andrea Ignjatovski says:

@QQQQcon i find low 1.0 as the minimum iso speed also…and when i crop the
image to the maximum the grain is litle less rather then iso200 on the same
image…so i was confued thinking that low1.o goes with some kind of
digital noise reduction by the camera,becuuse every review shows that the
nikon d90 minimum iso goes from 200! and by that noise reduction the
picture will loose a litle bit of quality especialy in sharpness but that
was my opinion 🙂 btw thanks for replying cheers

Chan Ting Lin says:

Let us share the resources about photograph with each other

lmrproduction says:

Are you using a regular UV filter for sunset? Thanks for your post. Just
learned something new about when to best take the pictures.

Dave plum says:

@QQQQcon thanks master…. godspeed

David Lim says:

@liquidmoonlightcom and yet your monitor is just <8 bit doesnt really
matter if u dont have a professional monitor =)

PacalB says:

If u have the extra time to play with “RAW” is the way … but … the
lesson to really be learned is that we should always try to get the best
picture possible on the day with the camera rather than becoming lazy and
assuming sloppy pictures can always be corrected, cropped and manipulated
when we get home. Post-processing of photos should be about making good
pictures even better rather than so-so or bad pictures just acceptable.
Many a time pro’s shot JPEG for speed, time & work constraints.

atssaloon kstanton says:

This is a VERY GOOD tutorial .I learned alot. Thank you for taking your
time to make a great this Video. It was fast, but not to fast. Not slow and
not boring at all .It is really good .Thanks for the free tips.

Erick Tostes says:

@salukialan #LOL “Raw is the only way to go” i agree

luvmnms says:

Thanks for the tips. Keep them coming!!

Erick Tostes says:

Hooooo don’t use RAW ??? WTF dude .. all this colors manipulations can be
maded on LR using raw with more flexibility !

selant07 says:

@QQQQcon I have no problem with what your personal choice is, but here in
youtube people are curious for useful tips and professional correct
information. So i think its better giving them the professional
information, instead of summing up the subject suggesting them “use Jpeg”.
Lets says, someone has learned from your video to take nice sunsets and he
wants to go further for a big size print-out. Its better to deliver in
16bit TIFF with some big megabyte size, not really a 400kb JPEG file..

cravintruth says:

@aeroub told him didn’t you? calm down dude

QQQQcon says:

@World2010Traveller raw does have a huge advantage but I just dont like
editing and shooting raw means editing often.

Fanko =3 says:

@EminentlyConvivial It’s because we can make JPEG out of RAW, and having
both format is stupid. A waste of your memory space. RAW has all the true
values/colour of the pictures.

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