Photography Tips to Shoot Overhead

Photography Tips to Shoot Overhead

Learn how to create an compose image from above. ; Step by step video demonstrates how to achieve an attractive overhead photograph.



OldUncleMe says:

The music is far too strong…it’s very distracting. This tute was ok, but
it didn’t offer more than two or three ‘techniques’.

Lakhena05 says:

Damn he is good!

zrsgamboa says:

Great tutorials as always Robert. Thank you for helping to keep amateur
photographers like me inspired.

LearnMyShot says:

@akosijhep23 love you back

LearnMyShot says:

if you can locate this tutorial on our site there are links to tripods and
arms that can do it.

pauliemac1965 says:

What brand of tripod extender is that? I tried doing a search however all
the returns were for extenders that attach to the screw mount on the
tripods ballhead, not to the center shaft like your does. Thanks and love
the tutorials!

deputylizard says:

you made that look and sound fun!!

Hasnat Bokhari says:

Please share some good tips for amateur photography? I don’t have that high
profile equipments and I am learning the photography..!!! Please share some
Nikon D3000 scale camera shots..Thanks a lot for that..lovely videos so helping

Aravind Raman says:

Would it have made the picture more interesting texturally if you had
sliced a cucumber in half and the cross section was showing in the picture?
Any reason you did not try that? Thanks!

LearnMyShot says:

@FEARLFULL1 thanks ! See our website too you can post your shots there once
you try the tutorials: “learn my shot dot com “

T Smith says:

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KC Fang says:

I’m always wondering, if I don’t have the tripod with extension and just
holding the camera myself standing over the food, I always cast a shadow
overt the food, at least a soft but a noticeable shadow over it. Any method
to avoid that? Thanks

Jeff de leon says:


Ian Hargraves says:

As always fabulous techniques and final images. Lots of patience and
dedication to perfection.

tyfdeguz says:

hi what software u use so it will be directly seen on the computer? thanks

apo5 says:

wow, wonderfull shot

Dmitri Zavyazkin says:

Such a setup for such a low quality shoots. Ridiculous

LearnMyShot says:

@tyfdeguz I use “capture one pro”, but you can also use capture software
that came with your camera.

noknoi says:

I LOVE this one! Thank you so much!

Michael Bonaparte says:

Thank you Robert. Can I call you Grand Daddy of Modern Photography. These
lessons are important and are missing on the blog sites. The young know it
alls’, should take a serious look at what you are doing. Be strong. A big

fullofdogshift says:

very nice work!

jfiosi says:

@OldUncleMe The music could be a matter of preference, but for me, it was
soft during the actual shoot and narration, and only increased in volume at
the end, a useful technique to signal an end. He focused on a single
technique and explored it further. A lot of people try to cover too much in
one video. The pace was good, his explanations were aligned with the
progression of his topic, and his voice was reassuring and well-modulated.
I give him and the video a solid thumbs up.

LearnMyShot says:

@zrsgamboa keep on shooting brother ! what technique would you be
interested in learning next?


love your videos just found out about them there great keep up the good work

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