Photography Tips : Start-Up Costs for Photography

Photography Tips : Start-Up Costs for Photography

Starting a photography business is complex and difficult because photography technologies are constantly changing and equipment is constantly losing value. L...



ashayanoel says:

I have a question… I graduated high school in May of 2010 and am
struggling to find a job. I have a deep love for photography but don’t know
if I can afford or even need to go to college to pursue my passion in
photography. Do you have any advice for me that would help me narrow down
what to do ?

Annie Lemay says:

Very helpful and thank you for sharing.

Hans Montgomery says:

Hello there! Have you thought about photo sfxart tricks (search for it)? My
work buddy Jamie made some stunning photos with their photography tutorials.

Demin Jerez says:

Wait, I thought john ritter died. Wtf?

dearash07 says:

Good tips. thank you.

Daniel Pryce says:

@ashayanoel Well i would go to college for this, because it will help you
master your skills, and it will get you ready for starting your business.
Check out some of Jared Polins videos he has one on how to make it as a

arseniclullaby87 says:

at :52 what is a strobe?

BIGredsARTWORLD1 says:

@ashayanoel Most likely the community college will have them becouse that
is what I am doing. Am in your same shoes 2.

steveghs says:

nice info thanks

Ross MacDonald says:

@tmcgintyseq Hi ,I do sport photo’s and i would strongly recommend the
macbook pro and mabye as a extra a BG E5 Camera Grip

Chris Withers says:

I really enjoy your YouTube Channel. You give great advice. Check out my
YouTube Channel Sometime. Maybe we could swap ideas. I plan to post a lot
of my photography editing sessions on here.

ashayanoel says:

oh p.s. All i have is a digital camera no printer but a memory card and I
tend to edit pics online on photo

yamenad says:

@arseniclullaby87 A light. A off-camera strobe, is the one u find mounted
on umbrellas, A on-camera strobe, is the one u find mounted on the camera

taylorlocport says:

Love the info. Cant see you through the writting

arseniclullaby87 says:

@arseniclullaby87 WHAT DO THEY DOOOOOO

shivore says:

I know this video is a little old but $3,000 to $5,000 to start a
photography business “unless you’re on a tight shoestring budget”? Oh I
wish. A low-end FX camera is $2000 without a lense, a computer with the
minimum capabilities needed for pro image editing is at least $1000
probably more… That’s $3000 and we haven’t even gotten to the lenses yet.
Just one decent mid-range pro lense (24-70 mm) is $2000! That’s your entire
$5000 budget and we only have 1 lense and a budget computer!

BTPhotography1 says:

@ashayanoel You edit pictures with photobucket? Wow. Introduce yourself to
Lightroom 3 or CS5.

justaCoDpro says:

oh the irony…. 360p video on a photography equipment video

tr4v15t says:

It’s an instructional video not a movie of the year with 14 Oscars or some
shit like that…

ErezShory says:

thank you for the stright forword clip

justice greene says:

dude why would anyone dislike this 0_o

tmcgintyseq says:

these videos are very helpful. i’m trying to save up in order to buy a mac
book pro and a d40 as well as extra sd cards and batteries. i’m not
entirely sure what field i want to persue though. thanks again for all of
these vids!

tranquilisolati says:

Very informative for a newbie like me. I also get some good pointers from
thephotographyclinic (.) com

Rich Leighton says:

Great tips for beginning photographers!

Mark Kaminsky says:

Good video, helpful and not pretentious. I like.

PartTimePhotography says:

Good stuff – I’ll pass this along to all my newsletter subscribers.

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