Photography Tips: Panoramic Photography

Photography Tips: Panoramic Photography

Lexar Media's Jeff Cable shares some best practices for shooting a panoramic photo.



Laszlo Rekasi says:

very beginner comments…hardly any info…useless

Prue Upjohn says:

Excellant free software – try Microsofts ICE for stitching panoramic shots
together – works a treat.

Rabia Jalees says:

it will be great to show some examples along with your explanation as it
will help us understand the point in a more clear and much better way …

Sheena Cheever says:

lexar dude: ohh yeh! i will give them a small tips on panorama capturing
and video my self beside the high end canon camera beside me and Kowloon as
background. i look professional that way! har har har!

Code Monkey says:

Here’s a tip – break all the rules – 😀

Neeraj Mishra says:

Stupid Tip.. No takeaway… Try to give out more.. atleast show an image
you’ve taken … 😛

Austyn Cunningham says:

Sandisk > Lexar


where are the tips?

Xander Johan says:

why so many dislikes?!

sCiprianFilm says:

friken selfish:)

Harris Spinos says:

I live in Hong Kong! 😀 I live on the Kowloon side, in Whampoa…. :O

Connor Cable says:

Great video. Was explained very well.

AshtonPhoto says:

So many thumbs down for the simplistic and pointless nature of the video.

Blukenator says:

Completely useless video. What was his point? Wasted my time.

TheDirectorWong says:

Where is Kai when you need him!!!!

Anupam VIPUL says:

not have enough tips

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