Photography Tips : Outdoor Portrait Ideas

Photography Tips : Outdoor Portrait Ideas

When taking a model for an outdoor portrait, look for picturesque backgrounds to create beautiful backdrops for the subject. Discover the endless possibiliti...



Simon Jenkins says:

“The outdoors is big” I must remember that – Thanks 😉

Maximilian von Stephanides says:

I’ve been told by pros that the simplest background is the best and have
been shooting after that rule ever since..

Jack Farrell says:

So, where are the ideas? Of course a nice background is better than an ugly
one, but I can do that in studio with a green screen. This vid tells
nothing about out door portraiture. Very disappointing.

muk bee Hanti says:

i like the studio light like a model shooting so charming

Alain Martinez says:

no F kidding…

suavic says:

non sens

in2food says:

Wow! Find a nice location and throw your model in front of it. Then take a
picture. Astoundingly insightful. Keep watching folks. Her next video will
be telling us the best way to shoot landscape shots is with a camera…….

canadianmaple09 says:

HAHAHAHA! Look at the guy from 0:31 on just standing there… awkward! If I
were him I’d be saying, “Can I move now? Please? Just take the damn picture

konradmaciej says:

you can go anywhere ….. nice advice !

RickLordTV says:

Very nice delivery on your tutorial. great tips. I primarily use continuous
lighting instruments. However, I do use strobes on occasion. The more
options and tips the better.

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