Photography Tips : How to Use a Digital SLR Camera

Photography Tips : How to Use a Digital SLR Camera

In photography, SLR stands for single lens reflex, and although a digital SLR camera isn't technically an SLR camera, it does have similar versatility. Exper...



2009korte says:

you know guys why in 2010 we have so many shitty bands? because nowadays
everyone can access instruments. same here.

Inno SitaTuala says:

my focus is video filming, not just pictures, so which canon is best for
videos uses also? 1080.

keithwinslow says:

i bought a canon 1000d, or canon rebel xs as its called in america, i
bought it form a ebay store called time2envy and it cost 540, what was good
about it was i got everything the factory box gives you and than i got 2
extra add on lens’ 3 filters, a bag, 2 8gb ea. sd cards, a cleaning kit,
and a mni tripod.

juancholep says:

pretty obvius, my lady, pretty obvius…

NellaFan1 says:

This is good basic information for the novice, if you are more experienced
and don’t need it, then don’t watch. why so negative people, huh? I wonder
if you would post the same sexist comments if this were a man doing the
vid..just saying…

Michael Blunt says:

not noing anything about cameras a all.. now i no a little bit thank
you.when your not working anymore you have to fined somthing to do .

solarjunkie1965 says:

Alien Bee Strobes = junk.

richard ulderink says:

If this information is new for you, I will highly recommend spending your
money on a digital compact camera instead of a reflex and saving a shitload
of cash for functions you wont use anyway…

ZioZambe says:

Why in the world “in reality a Digital SLR TECHNICALLY isn’t an SLR”?!?!
Why do you have to come up with something so stupid!? It’s what it says: a
single lens reflex camera, meaning that you see directly through the lens
when you look in the viewfinder. And what you get by raising the ISO is
indeed grain, it’s digital noise and not “pixelation”. POINTLESS, USELESS,

Tanuki says:

She’s hot!

Michael Blunt says:

not knowing anything about digital cameras you have help me with the basic
thank you . i was a roofer for 25 years i had no time to learn anything
else so the basic are a start. dont listen to people keep helping people
thank you rebcca

leloodallasmultipass says:

if you need to use your mouse, can you do that? will it take pictures when
I am not looking? I heard digital cameras are hooked up to satellites and
send their pictures to the govermint. is that true?

SnackeyG says:

You didn’t teach me anything. Fail.

redtippmann says:

Yes cameras like the Nikon D50, D70, etc. are not really SLRs but I do
beleave higher end cameras actually use the shutter to expose the sensor.
You can normally tell by the flash sync speed. EX: P&S and cameras like the
D70 can sync with flashes at any speed, but most nice DSLRs have a max sync
of 1/250s.

briank328 says:

This video was way to basic to be useful. Virtually everything she
demonstrated could have applied to a point-and-shoot camera. There really
wasn’t much that was DSLR specific.

AJ Govind says:

stupid video not useful at all!!! :@

fariz28 says:

what is the name of the background music?

Gallo Pinto says:

Wow!! she is really hot, and w/out make up!!! I don’t really care if she
knows about camera or not, but she’s HOT!!!!!

gwapboi187 says:

do i need to press any buttons or does it work like a ipod touch

tupasian160 says:

@drazosrbija …noooh..check first the bat..if it is in place…then smile
if its in the compartment..update the dates..then power the cam..then start
shoooting…ahhhh just joking..peace..

charvelgtrs says:

Is this chick from Chicago?

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cyclops centurion says:

Can I have my 3 minutes back?

canadianmaple09 says:

If you don’t know how to load the memory card into your camera and turn
your camera on, you probably shouldn’t have put out the money to get a
DSLR. This video was pretty useless.

Sam Sparks says:

i have a nikon d40 dslr

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