Photography Tips : How to Sell My Photography

Photography Tips : How to Sell My Photography

Selling photography begins by branding, getting your name out and showing the photography wherever it can be shown. Submit photographs to coffee houses, rest...



Dave Norris says:

Just want to say thanks Tom for all the helpful hints. I have some of my
photos on some sites trying to sell them and no buyers of course. I have
people say that they love my photos, but hardly ever anyone asks to buy
them or whatever. I had an opportunity to Hang some of my photos back
around last year this time and missed the opportunity by not having the
funds to have all them framed and hangable at the time. But I am going to
be trying again soon and getting my work out there. Thanks again for all
your helpful hints. Happy New Year
Dave’s Adventures in Photography on

memmarc says:

Good stuff..thanks

Dalla says:

Hey iam 12 and i really like photography and i want to be a pro
photographer when i grow up can you give me some tips on how i can get

danndavinci says:

We want to get the recognition out there of John’s service to Hollywood yet
maintain the protection of these images. If I were to post them in coffee
shops to be known… I would have to do HEAVY HALFTONING on those publicity
Hollywood photos with John Tartaglia and all those actors at the Chinese
Theatre. We want to give John Tartaglia (my great uncle) the recognition he
deserves without intanglements for doing the footprint ceremonies til 87,
his last with Eddie Muprhy’s ceremony.

Zeno C says:

great input! thanx

curtismichael14 says:

@ScotPhotography lol

Craig Clark says:

Thank you very much. Word of mouth will only go so far. I’m going to try
this out this year. It’s only January so hopefully something will come of

Tom Sapp says:

@danndavinci Sorry for the delay, I didn’t realize these comments were
online. They do not email me when someone posts. eHow has control. I know a
lot on this topic. I went to school for offset lithography before I went to
school for computer following by photography school.

Tom Sapp says:

@nutzintheass Thanks for the comment. Everyone is entitled to their own
opinion. I went to school for photography where I was required to purchase
a 645 medium format camera. I know film very well and i’m here to tell you
my 645 does not come close to the clarity I get from a nikon D3s shooting
RAW with ED glass. It’s easy to say but the facts do not represent the
statement you have made. Now, digital back on a 645 … that’s clarity …
but i’d still take my D3s to jobs

Dimitri Kaye says:

Canon Rebel T2i

Ariel Annika says:

Good day! Have you tried photo sfxart tricks (do a google search)? My buddy
Bellinda made some awesome photos with their photography tutorials.

SuperWario094 says:

canon rebel

xxxmikeyxxxx says:

were do you put your name on the photo?

nutzintheass says:

digital is a JOKE! dont get me wrong, i have a dslr but if you wanna go
pro, put in some money for a medium format film. it takes a true
photographer to learn to do all manual and develop film in the dark room.
it takes more time but if youre a true artist, thats what youll go with.

Michelle Koebke says:

Can you add your NAME and webpage as a tag to this video? I don’t see it
below? You ARE talking about the importance of getting your name OUT
THERE… Lol. beautiful work, by the way 🙂

DarkWolf14X says:

How can I get my name out there when i’m only 13? 🙁 Many people love my
photos. I’ve been taking nature photography since i was 11. Is there a way
at my age i can get my name out there?(or sell?)

CocaColaGirl77 says:

thnx dude, im getting into nature photography

natashamcqueen says:

Did you make alot of money?

frogbuddy01 says:

Me too! I love animals and photography, so I started wildlife photography
but im only 14, an dI was thinking that since not everybody uses a
technological calendar, I have experience with things kind of like
that(yearbook for my school), then I could use my photos, for calendars and
sell them online, and eventually I could start framing my photos and
selling them.

Tom Sapp says:

@Donatillo1961 I realize it’s been forever. Sorry for the delay. To start I
would recommend any SLR camera that allows you to shoot manual and as
physical adjustments for aperture and shutter speed so you can shoot manual
easily. Using presets teaches nothing.

Kubow13 says:

take a look at the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H20 its realy good quality and its
what im getting

RossEylesPhotography says:

Yeah mate I’m exactly the Same. I’m 15 and I’m seriously interested in
wildlife photography and i hope to make a career out of it. But I have
absolutely no idea how to start selling my photos 🙁

danndavinci says:

Hey Tom… What would you recommend for displaying a personal collection of
Original Publicity Photos having to do with the Footprint Ceremonies at the
Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA. The Tartaglia Family would like to get
word out that JOHN TARTAGLIA was the cement artist who served Hollywood,
CA, 1953-1987, after Jean Klossner. He has been written out of history in
recent publishings but with his FACE PHOTO in the images such as Sidney
Poitier’s ceremony. The photo was used as a postcard.

Ramjie Barroca says:

sir i always watch your videos,im learning so easy because your explaining
it clearly… im one of your imaginary student…. i salute you sir..

Wilder wild says:

If you don’t want to go Compact you should choose either a Nikon D5000 or a
Canon EOS 450D or 500D. You also have the Very price worthy Pentax K-x Then
there are sony and olympus as well to choose from.

AirRick3340 says:

Didn’t know u were doing this, The aerial photography u mentioned totally
brought back the Hallmark Umass airplane assignment lol.

ScotPhotography says:

@DarkWolf14X I had the same problem as you when I was 13. what you can do
is make calendars and give them to family for free (christmas presents) and
them if they want another one charge them 10-15 dollars.

Tom Sapp says:

@hondagzr07 wow, thank you very much!! You just made my day a lot brighter!
Good luck with all your future goals.

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ugliestalmanac4 says:

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