Photography Tips and Advice from Deanne Fitzmaurice

Photography Tips and Advice from Deanne Fitzmaurice Photography tips and techniques discussion with Marc Silber and Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Deanne Fitzmaurice. Deanne...



Silber Studios says:

Check out our video with photography tips and advice featuring Deanne

Readynef says:

Amazing woman, both as a photographer and as a woman.

cameratricksandtips says:

I love the concept of being aware of layering. I have always tried to get
rid of the excess things in my shots but I’ll try to incorporate them
instead to get more balance and draw the eye into the pictures.

Kyle Tamblyn says:

Rather naive comment considering i dunno.. Perhaps that it’s his show?

Doug Birnbaum says:

I assisted for her once on a Mazda campaign she was a pleasure to work

Silber Studios says:

she’s pro who communicates her craft very well!

Silber Studios says:

ha! that’s not how we do it, she is a great photographer who communicates
very well

mchoihk says:

Great to see a new video from you again! What have you taking up your time
to make these awesome videos in the past month?

Marc Synwoldt says:

Such an amazing talent. And this includes her being able to talk in a very
subtle and revealing way about her technique and what she actually does.
Immensely inspiring. Makes me want to go out shooting and try out some of
her pointers. Love her “multi-layered” approach.

phill adams says:

With you on that but perhaps we’re all missing the point!

johan bauwens says:

Great to see with which enthusiasm ms Fitzmaurice speaks about her work !

folkrockr says:

I like how she is always prepared with an answer to his questions about
giving advice to viewers.

Linden Wilkie says:

nice advice on layering. Thanks for sharing.

sunflowerjellyfly says:

Thank you, this is a wonderful interview. So insightful.

slinkyfingerly says:

so much production work, so little viewer.. sigh..

Frank Nazario says:

HER VOICE IS AMMMAAAAAZING what a soooothing amazing beautiful female

siscopiso says:

@5:49 haha

Jc Intheflesh says:

amazing awesome video


Love her voice

Abner Zarabi says:

Great Tips,,,,,,

Scott Mallon says:

Everyone is commenting on her voice. No offense to her or her abilities but
I find her voice extremely annoying.

Alannah Kieley says:

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we were on a break says:

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Jc Intheflesh says:
Kadir Tellioglu says:

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