Photography Lookbook

Photography Lookbook

Hi everyone! I've always wanted to improve my photography skills and really learn new techniques. So I enrolled in an intro photography class and I've learne...



Sassy Kathleen says:

This is really good❤❤❤

Tamara Davies says:


lovefool1616 says:

they are absolutely amazing. Good job 🙂

msstillstanding44 says:

Pretty good for a first time love the second one so clear and beautiful

MsMaysWorld says:

love one where your hair is in the air, the one with the girl looking at
the rain. like the cherry blossoms, sunset. Overall, I think you seem to
have a good eye.

textmonsterlm says:

They’re all beautiful. My favorites or the ones with hair and food.

Sarah Soeterbroek says:

Your pictures see realy realy pretty

crazyt1712 says:

Wow that was awesome!!!

SallyFrenchy says:

those pics are really nice, keep up the good work, i love the light on
every picture, you should try working on the angles (to find some
interesting and original shots), and the framing (try not to “cut” a foot,
or a hand) i liked the makeup in the water and the closeups on the food are
also good, make sure the photos are clear (not blurry). the portraits are
beautiful ! im also a photographer, i try to improve my skills every day

mustBbeauty says:

In my opinion photos of people always look better if the person is slightly
off centre. Xxx

beapinkie9 says:

The picture of food are making me hungry :/

Danae Smith says:

I actually loved them all!!!!

selenagomez4ever813 says:

…wow.. It’s amazing! I LOVED the first one and I’m also interested in
photography >< I also loved 1:02 To be honest I liked all the ones with scenery xD I like scenery pictures the best..

silveeahh93 says:

WOW! Great pictures(: i liked the first one

Jeni3n says:

The (2nd?) to last pic with gravity-defying hair really stands out! It’s a
marvelous pic and I feel you can really connect because of your gaze in
that pic! Good luck with developing our skills!

Kofykat says:

Ok, amateur photographer here. I’m not gonna talk about the food pics and
stuff because that’s not my thing. i do people and landscapes and nature.
the people pics were nice, a couple could have had a straighter frame coz
the centre was off slightly. but the pics are all fun. the pic at 1.30
could have been better edited. Loved 2:29

TheMaskaz says:

Helpfull feedback–photo shop out any crumbs or tiny pices of food that
dont belong their –i think teacher will take points of for that.

Ida Rapida says:

Love it! So many grat photos ^^

Nnenna Momonatar says:

i love the first 2 and the one wit the girl in gravel those are the best in
my opinion

xoxoTiinaa says:

VISIBLE, PLEASE ! very important

Victoria Martinez says:

The 2nd was so awsome,, && the sushi rolls too(:

Yu Yu Wong says:

These r awesome I think u r just awesome Really ~ Yuyu Wong

chelsea chan says:

i like most of them just dont include the black swan one

ROTFLful says:

Love the first 2 ,the girl in the gravel, and the one by the window

Fashion By Ally says:

@AVmakeup not going to lie, when I was editing this I was very very hungry

Kismetandeuphoria says:

First one was beautiful, the one with nail polish was great, the girl
sitting on the rocks with the yellow scarf was amazing, the flipped hair

foreverjuicycoach3 says:

The first picture, the pink flowers, SUSHI!!!! (on circular plate) haha,
hair flip, and the very last picture. These are all so amazing!

laurad24 says:

You have a bunch of nice shoots, so I’m gonna enumerate my faves: 0:40 1:30
1:40 2:08 2:20 2:30 …Gotta say that food makes me hungry!

Jessica Menchaca says:

as the song is called??

David McCray says:

Over all very good. The only problem is that it is just like any other
photos taken. You need to make a statment of who you are, not another
photoargraph. Each pic needs to say something, tell a story, good or bad.
Like the one of the couple walking in winter tree lane. That stood out.
Ones of food and flowers was not you. Though they are very good, they are
not you. Find something that you like to look at in life. and shot away.
Each shot will be you and say something about you.

Leah Fulgencio says:

sakura flowers, girl with the scarf and the last two..^_^..they are awesome

Cheyoly2 says:

Kony 2012

AJ K says:

i led most of them just try not to include the self images exept the hair
flip ones and the eye liner one

Spunkkmeyer3 says:

Best photos: the one of you laying down(video still), the one with the
lights, the one of your friend/cousin in tears, and the one with your hair
still framed in the air 🙂

HeyitsChas says:

or the one with the nail polish!

LPSAly says:

Your like A sister of Michelle Phan.

chiikalivelovelaugh says:

@chiikalivelovelaugh “rocks”

MissJinny96 says:

i love your landscapes as well as your last portrait. you are an amazing

AVmakeup says:

They’re all great but the ones of food and the people looking directly at
the camera weren’t the best. I liked the second photo a lot

allabee94 says:

What kind of camera did you use for these photos? And absolutely love your
shots ♥

01ShininStar says:

Kony 2012!! Youtube it…..NOW!!

TheMaskaz says:

first photo of you in the chair looks like you just took over your dads
buiness and the house came with the deal ……..

Sarah Al Saman says:

your pictures are so pretty <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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