Photography: Exposure, TTL Meters, Depth of Field

Photography: Exposure, TTL Meters, Depth of Field This lesson is excerpted from the DVD Learn Photography, Film & Digital. ...



Toby Fairchild says:

I just had to tell you how well thought out and well delivered your topics
and explanations are. I am really impressed at the clear and logical way
you present your training. It’s one thing to know how to do something well.
It’s another to be able to deliver that information in a way that is clear
and “seemingly” simple for everyone else to grasp. That is true mastery.

Mindbitesdotcom says:

We are so very glad to hear that! Expect to see some more lessons from this
author up on our channel so if you aren’t subscribed already I recommend
it! The entire series should be up on our main site very soon as well so if
you really liked this video be sure to at least take a look!

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