P1 Your own photography website without coding

P1 Your own photography website without coding

Learn how to create your own photography portfolio website without doing any coding. You'll host it yourself with your own domain name, and maintain it yours...



Andriy Drozdyuk says:

*If anyone ever asks you “How to build a website?”*

pwrstrkman says:

WOW, I have finally have come across a person who really knows their stuff!
Very well put together, Im looking forward to viewing your many posted
topics, Thanks!

Lance Cadena says:

Forrest, thank you for the info. very well put together. I look forward to
part 2

Nikhil Patwardhan says:

One of the best tutorials I’ve come across on any topic. Many thanks for
putting this together and providing your inputs.

1mill2 says:

Looking forward to this!! I just made a wordpress site with some basic
child theme edits for a club. I’m just about to upload it with a FTP using
bluehost. I used online help and paid for a subscription to lynda.com. I
got to admit, after making drop and drag websites for a couple years, once
you start changing the wordpress template with css and php, it gets hard to
get it to look good and function the way you want it, but I guess it’s all
part of the learning process.

Nigel Naughton says:

With blogger it is really easy to add pages for ‘about me’ or whatever.
Just to let everyone know that it is possible to do it regular view but you
can’t do it in Dynamic view yet..correct me if I’m wrong.

S Dave Haase says:

Great Video. I am sure this will be viewed a lot. Nice slide show, nice
background, maybe boost your mic a tad, but other then that it is the best
I have seen on this subject. I see from your past videos you have really
picked up the quality of them. I look forward to many different subjects.
Thanks for posting…

Wolfram Kohler says:

Very good video! very good series! thank you very much!

Darin Simonson says:

I am a web designer and I just recorded a series of video tutorials for
wordpress. It really is the most complete wordpress course of 2013. You can
watch a sneak peek from this training course on my channel..

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