Original and Simple: Seven Essential Secrets to Outstanding Photography

Original and Simple: Seven Essential Secrets to Outstanding Photography

Joe DiMaggio Photography: http://www.dimaggio-kalish.com Upcoming B&H Event Space Seminars: http://bit.ly/bheventspace Veteran Photographer Joe DiMaggio take...



mentalmetal1 says:

I think someone at b&h must personally knows this guy. otherwise, I’m not
sure why he was an invited speaker. I find his work to be average and
sometimes kitschy.

artemorbid says:

i learned a lot- thanks for posting 

Justsome Bloke says:

Great quality video from a Photography store?!?!?!

Nicholas Fox says:

Very interesting man to listen to, and learn from.

az-fotos.de says:

Joe DiMagio is giving valuble Tips on Photography.
Thank you Joe and B+H !
Best regards from cologne,
+Andreas Zeevaert 

iasssen says:

Nice, but about the lightning on 15:30.. it’s the opposite. First light,
then thunder :)

gustavo campos says:

Hello, B&H, thanks for the video and all the great classes, BUT your
cameraman ought to get some classes too! They missed ALL the times that Joe
showed something that were not in the slides (as he calls it). So we can’t
figure out what he is really trying to show. 🙂 Thanks for the great
classes anyway.


This guy doesn’t do it for me. 

VTSPQR says:

I love this guy. Every video he does, is fun, and very informative!…=)

Peter Gregory says:

Bravo, thank you for sharing “a day in the life” with you, Joe. You say the
most important thing to you is time, yet I think it is people. You care a
lot about people. Thanks again.

j n says:

nice photo tips but i cannot agree with his initial statement – walking
into NY, or any other big city, makes me feel dead – not alive. you cant
get bored in there yes – but you cant really feel and think on the other

Danijel L says:

Ok, I like these old schoolers and the way they present and talk, but
dammed was this guy able to show any photos that aren’t just snapshots?!
Those are not photos you would expect to see from a pro, really

lanatureestbelle says:

16:10 you hear the thunder before seeing the flash??????? who is this

F Ridge says:


Pierre François says:

Pictures looked old style and boring, maybe like the photographer.

Darko Skender says:

Love learning from Joe D. Hello from Croatia.

William Herron says:

Thanks B and H for exposing us to a master of his craft. I thought that
Joe’s expressions that good photography requires a smile, interesting
experiences, and a genuine love of people were essential.

Dimitris Simos says:

@lanatureestbelle looks like physics DiMagio style :P

David Kenny says:

Great presentation. I’m always learning something new from Joe D, even
after attending many group and private workshops. Looking forward to more
Joe D. videos from B&H.

Patricia A Cgreen says:

I enjoyed this quite a bit. Great!

Neil Jackman says:

Good lighting for this video can’t see the photographer!!!

Mono says:

Really awesome that B&H is constantly putting quality education, from
masterful people, and that is why i will always go to you guys first to get
all mah gear.

Daniel Multer says:

Loved this workshop. Joe is like the Jacques Pepin of photography – the
technique and the useful tricks & tips make all the difference. Can’t wait
to get out and try some of these things. Thanks B&H.

Muzzlehatch2 says:

Wait for the thunder, the lightning will come shortly after? Very simple he
says? What planet am I on?

Alvaro Alcaide says:

Interesting, but the advice about when to shoot a lightning is completely
wrong. You don’t hear a thunder and wait for the lightning to happen, but
the other way round; first comes the lightning, and then the thunder, as
light travels faster than sound. 

Johnny says:

Some people complain here that the video editing of this presentation is
poor and I have to agree. The cameraman should be paying attention to what
we need to be looking at, the screen or the presenter. This coming from a
photo and video company is pretty bad. Someone said that selling
photographic equipment doesn’t have to make you a good photographer the
same way that selling sports goods don’t make you a good athlete. Indeed,
but I totally disagree. Would you go to a dentist who had no front teeth?

Photoshopuzr says:

my kind of taste in style nice and clean.

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