Nikon D800 tutorial: Focus and composition |

Nikon D800 tutorial: Focus and composition |

This photography tutorial explains how you can learn to work with your camera better not with manuals, but in the field with applied shooting. Watch more at ...



Design Magic says:

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP: on my D800 I only have 1 autofocus point engaged, and
I always move it around manually before composing each shot. But I am sure
there is a way camera will choose the focus points itself, sometimes have
lots of them…. THANKS´╗┐

JCCA Fins says:

Hi, Does this video recorder with the D800? It looks incredible. ´╗┐

calypsodigital says:

Lol you need to know something about composition and focusing before you
buying $3000 fx body!

Gamaliel Sierraalta says:

51 focus points and you use the center point and recompose? this isn’t even
a difficult lighting scenario -_-

jakcinto says:

thanks for your informative and educational video. i got one question for
you. when shooting a group of people what focus point should be use? thank

ctaya Chan says:

Manipulate the switch on the lens to turn it into manual mode? Why not use
the AF-ON button to lock the focus?

Henry Ronato says:


Costa Gromov says:

single focus point to the core! never trust the auto mode focus and
re-composing will ofter throw subjects out of focus

Marc Billon says:

Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8

panavision09 says:

@mrdinh1 sounds like you need to change the focusing mode. try single focus
point mode for starters.

colxdark says:

Hi can you tell what lens is that thanks.

mrdinh1 says:

i tried to halfpress shutter and recompose but still get soft shots..and
using AF-S….help please? settings, ideas?

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