My Nikon Pro photography Equipment

My Nikon Pro photography Equipment After many many requests for a video showing all of my Nikon gear I finally decided to make one. So lets list all the lenses in my bag(...



Carlos Mendoza says:

Impressive gear! Are you thinking to change to Sony? LOL

Alexander Silva says:

Nice vid, man…

Nick Pol says:

No 24-70 ?

Albert Arriola says:

I was actually interested to see the bag that you carry all this in because
right now I have no bag and just shaped out a pelican case.

Devin Chaves says:

Stupid hair. Stupid shirt.

john Doe says:

that Lady is sooo lovely. :D

Nils Heitmann says:

You need to redo this video!

Lukasz Pierwola says:

True is one Photography it’s ART and Equipment and any Collages any Program
any book do not help you!
It’s totally nothing its doesn’t help you nothing when you didn’t start
with first main Question!
What is Art and how to love Art! How to do Art with passion and how Artist
How many Photographers really do it with passion todays?
How many Photographers take your Camera with smile on the face?
How many Photographers share your passion to another?
When I walking around in big city I heard many times something like this!
Why you do it like this that you are crazy! That take too much time, people
are stupid and they don’t know nothing about Photography many Photographers
do it like People in Factory fast and they don’t worry how they do it! What
they create or I seen many Photographer which one be jealously about
another Photographer and go around corner and talk bad about him! Because
many Photographers think a Camera make them a better Photographer!
How many people on world today take a brush and paint like Picasso they
create like him with heart and Passion?
That what Todays People do with Art they killing something beautiful what
is Art and how to create ART with passion!
D4s its nice but Nikon or Canon doesn’t learn you what is Art and how to
love art! They create a better camera just to be better then another
company and many people think a better Camera better name on camera make
you a better Photographer but that not true!
When I walking with the Camera People don’t ask me why I do it?
First Question is always what Camera you have? What Company you have in the
bag! That what happen with today’s peoples they lose feelings they doesn’t
think what its love to do create how create with passion with love just
think a better thing make them better that what todays Peoples do! Some day
People don’t need Machines because they be like them they lose feeling
loves they be like machines witch live and do just for new thing!
That how today world is they don’t have hearth to create they do it just
for money and many todays Photographers not a Artist they like any people
Factory! They wake up just for do them job not to create it with passion!

Today People thing a better company make you better and more worth person!
Look how many people dead in car crash and they drive any make of car!
Worth any money! That it’s a example what worth better Make and name
totally nothing when you drive drunk and drive like crazy you can dead in
any car worth any money!
Its doesn’t help you what make you get how many you pay for it! When
Police Stop you drunk they don’t look how many you pay for car and how car
you drive they arrest you like any drivers in any make of car!
That what todays Company and People do killing Art and what is Art really
is and someday people be like machines with no hearth and no Passion and
really Artist came to the History!
That what happen soon no love no people with passion and with hearth to do
to create just Things and Companies! We don’t need World War III because
system which people create kill them take them feelings!
Which Company create you brush which make you painting like Picasso with
hearth passion love to do it! No one because this is just a thing with no
hearth no mind! Just cold thing like an Ice worth nothing with a People
You must take brush and create it with passion you must show to all world
that your passion and that make you happy! You must wake up every day with
big broad of smile to create Art you must be proud of it that really make
you better Artist then have new thing!
Someday People be like machine which think better Company make them better
more worth person!
That what happen with the World we lose hearths to do to think to create we
be like zombies in movie which one somebody manipulate! That what Todays
People do killing what nature give them beautiful love dreams passions and
hearth to create some day People lose that and they just live and wake up
for thing not for another people or love to do to create something they do
what some company tell them on them screen!
They lose everything what they really have! Love Families Passions and

thesloc Loc says:

lol nikon sucks

Chris Cross says:

How bout an update to what is in your bag as of 2014…

Kayne Leeson says:

Hi Jarad.
I’m 14 years old and I was hoping you could
give me some advice on how to get photography jobs
and get my name out their?

I own a 70D and I love watching your videos.
You inspired me to shoot RAW!!!!!!!

HaroldsCatNyanCat says:

cut ur hair hippie boy

Texas Sporting Clays says:

Lil is a sweetheart Fro…I hope she’s doing well.

TheAviatorAMS says:

aaawh that sweat old woman. I love here!! :-)

MarkNiceyard says:

Nice cap.

Avery Williams says:

im new to the photography world…i have a d3000 to start with….what lens
do u recommend to get besides the 55 that comes with it

Robinators says:

in the end it doesnt even matter

Aliceinwonderland cheshirecat says:

i love you

Flick Calhoon says:

Excellent & informative tutorials Sir.
Keep on, keeping on.
You are great to watch and learn from :-)

PaladinJenkis says:

Impressive gear! But to be hones, the most impressive one is the old lady 😀
She is like “I don’t know what he is talking aboud but he know his

harnessbells says:

Hug Her! She is more precious than all the lenses. :)

DJ TV Show says:

Beautiful old lady just gave us the middle finger at 4:41…lol. Nice!!

Shin Riv says:

kind of a douche..

RedWeaselMedia says:

U got enough equipment Fro Knows?

kris hunten says:

Why do u need all these lenses?

elberto65 says:

Go get yourself a short clean hair short cut

Yoni Galinsky says:

you should do an updated whats in my bag (:

MtpIntros says:

That lady is awesome hahah

Melissa Ackerman says:

That lady looks amazing for being 90!

benjamin driggs says:

very nice all that .and the grandma looks great 

Saeed Ali says:

wow how much does all that equipment cost altogether?

Pong Lenis says:

damn you must have a big bag

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