Minestrone: Street Photography and So Much More

Minestrone: Street Photography and So Much More

Mel DiGiacomo discusses how to know the light, how to learn the vocabulary of your lenses, and how to put aside the technical aspects and keep thinking to a ...



Nag Rotte says:

Great sir!

Psuedoir Photographic says:

Rule No 1 of photography – THERE ARE NO RULES
Rule No 2 of photography – IF THERE IS A RULE BREAK IT

Mel DiGiacomo

Steve La Motte says:

I got a real kick, when you mentioned how the kids coming out of school are
kicking you and your fellow freelance photographers butts. I say
photography rules and concept will never change, but boy the players sure
have. I don’t believe in photoshop, I think, like in the old days you
should get what you shoot. That was a real photographer.

James McCrimmond says:

I dont belive is photoshopping a image…if all the elements are not there
walk away ……..putting something/s into a image that wasnt there in the
first instant to me the image is a down right LIE……if thats the digital
world I glady go back to film……where the most you could do in the
darkroom was burning , dodging and cropping……..happy snapping ppl

George Pop says:

He was amazing and inspiring and he mentioned a lot of things that I try to
teach people in my workshops as well, learn the rules and then break them,
do your best, always shoot and look for things that other people don’t look

BigGoucho says:

What a wonderful talk. I came away asking a question I’ve never heard
before. Is photography participation or observation?

Fantastic stuff. Some real words of wisdom. Thank you.

Michael Webb says:

One of the best presentations I’ve seen so far from B&H. Thanks for the
wonderful photos, ideas and advice. Priceless!

Antônio P. says:

DiGiacomo Made 2 hours fly like 2 minutes.

Brittany James says:

Mel has been inspiring me since I was very young, I remember the first time
I saw one of his images, and I knew at that moment I wanted to learn how to
capture the decisive moment in my photographs just like he continues to do.
Im now a junior in college and everyday I shoot, keeping in mind to have
fun, ALWAYS keep my camera with me and allow situations to come to me, even
if I wasnt looking for them. Keep up the awesome work Mel!

Denis Carriere says:

Hello Mr. DiGiacomo,
I have really enjoyed your presentation and one of the things that I have
retained is you said how you mostly shot with a fixed lens (24 mm) on your
full Frame Canon 5D. If I had money to spare I would ship you a FUJIFILM
X100S camera which is much smaller and lighter than your Canon. That Fuji
is a go anywhere camera and does not scare people as they mostly think it
is a cheap candid camera but the end result will impress you. All this just
to say, it would be so nice to see some of your work taken with this camera
especially in Black & White …
Love your work,
Montreal French Man..

Robert Vennard says:

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