Learning Off Camera Flash From Zack Arias

Learning Off Camera Flash From Zack Arias

http://froknowsphoto.com/?p=5781 I had the pleasure of hosting one of Zack Arias's amazing OneLight workshops and I have to say I learned so much. What is am...



allencraig02 says:

More accurate title, “Trying-too-hard hipster talking smack about a video
you actually wanted to see.”

Jarek Hamala says:

anyone knows where I can get that dvd from?

avaroses says:

so when are you going to review the lytro camera..? and no.. it’s not an
app for iphone..

ancientalkebulan says:

i purchased the zack Arias dvd and its worth it

Alan Brock says:

@JaredPolin Awesome! Good luck with incorporating off camera flash into
your photography…it’s really going to take images to the next level I
believe. Can’t wait to see your work with this! Nice to see pros still
working hard to improve their game.

Eamonn Doyle says:

@ruxynMusicVids I think the light from his epic shirt is reflecting onto
his hand

RaltsWooper says:


Martin Zirkle says:

$150?! Sorry, but no thanks. Youtube is full of free tutorials on this

joris louwes says:

@LordN3r3v4r I watch these often great videos to learn nothing else. I
think this is just a commercial. Don’t be ignorant 😉

niv zigdon says:

i saw zack’s “interview” with chase jarvs…. he is a really cool guy^^

Antonio González says:

That whatever we ever learn from Zach Arias was only possible “thanks” to
the fro.

whitwhitwhitlaw says:

anyones thoughts on the sigma 50mm 1.4 or the nikon 50 1.8 looking at
buying one xd

Felipe Costa says:

The guy’s lighting skills are amazing… hope you could post some short
videos of what you’ve learned from the workshop… or maybe directly from
himself… see ya!

Even Ødegård says:

Looks like a big room, is it that studio you talked about on facebook?

Bryan De Mesa says:

will darth (FRO) vader gonna review the canon 1d X????

Buzz Pelermon says:

Should have filmed the class.

joris louwes says:

@Kalavere Well you have to watch it before you know if you like it or not.
Don’t you think? If I knew it’s a commercial for another guys website, I
would not have start watching it. That’s why I skip the vids with his
grandma Lil. Great for other people if they like it. The thumbs is a way
for other people to determine if it’s worth watching for them. You think
I’m watching just to be able to Thumb something down? You’re a moron if you
think that. Cheerio.

cockyjeremy says:

To listen to anything and everything Zack Arias says.

WhoUsesWhatCamera says:

@JaredPolin Huh? Fundamentals of lighting are the same with speedlights and
monolights/power packs. Difference is light shape, modeling lights, variety
of modifiers, power, and portability. But anyone with even the most basic
understanding of studio lighting can do OCF with a speedlight. The jig is
up fro!

Lucas Roth says:

Light is so Powerful and mysterious. I Think my favorite part of Creating
Images is “Painting with Light”…i still not very good at it but it is soo
mutch fun to do.

OV1 Racing says:

@jlouwes that’s exactly what it is: Jared’s thoughts about that workshop
(which he hosted).

Nirvalica says:

How much should I compensate with the exposure when I’m using a circular
polarizer at it’s darkest?

neal cw says:

From this short video I went a searching for this Zack …… and my word
another photographer to aspire too, what a fantastic man and check his
portfolio out.

TG Anderson says:

this was a stupid video. why did you make it???? it’s frustrating

ruxynMusicVids says:

why is JP’s hand so yellow o.o or looks yellow :/

CasperLauritsen says:

Loving the funky green sofa. Where are you sitting? Is it a new studio of

Owminator says:

FRO KNOWS… PHOTO… DOT COM (Super Epic Echo) 😀

Joel Price says:

I am glad to know that he is taking his time to show us the ins and outs of
Photography. Jared is doing this for free and everyone on here is
complaining about how this video didnt give you anything….well i guess
people need to realize that Jared is a Human also and that just like us he
needs to continue his education in his field, for future instructional
videos for US!! I commend Jared’s efforts and work because if it wasnt for
him, i would have a 600 dollar paper weight!!!! Thanks Jared!!

Mike Cisneros says:

Missleading title here folks…..nothing to look at……please move
on…… nothing to look here…… 😉

Uscbryan949 says:

I like the Fro but a video about a class he took but nothing about the
class? What’s next a video about a dump he took? Please don’t make videos
for the sake of making a video. I don’t mind them long, I don’t mind
ranting but have something in them worthwhile. Thanks

CamBeckNumber1 says:

do and updated impressions video of the lytro camera! @JaredPolin

Lasse Tristan Falster says:

fro knows reverb.com

Khary Dixon says:

If you wanna learn cameras see Jared. If you wanna know flash see Zack.
winning combination for the newbies. X

OV1 Racing says:

@jlouwes I guess you learned that you should go to a workshop with Zack
Arias. Jared is just placing him in a good light, after he’s experience.
Don’t be ignorant.

Uscbryan949 says:

I have to take back my original comment. I was a little harsh and not
knowing who Zack was at the time I kind of tuned out of this video and
thought it useless. Somehow I found Zack’s work the other day and came
across this video again and realized I should have paid more attention the
first time and not have been so quick to judge. Zack is great.thats Fro for
bringing it to our attention even though some of us knuckle heads such as
myself didn’t pay attention.

GamingCoachX says:

17 people missed their intended like button by a couple pixels. Better luck
next time.

Babi0Bambi says:

dude this video was a waste of time !

TheBlueEmpire says:

I hate how your videos get a lot of negative comments. I appreciate your

ithree6mafia says:

now i can see this youtube money in effect!

sashimi3 says:

so this is a new studio?

AppleIsTheBest says:

is he better than Joe :D?

Kalavere says:

@jlouwes If you don’t like it, don’t fucking watch it. Jesus, you know the
deal with Jared. I don’t know why people like you bother watching just to
thumbs down. You want to learn? Pick up a camera and stop whining on

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