Learn to Draw Portraits – Ep.2B Value & Contrast

Learn to Draw Portraits – Ep.2B Value & Contrast

Learn to draw Portrait Series. Episode 2 Part B See the high quality illusion pictures here.. http://EclecticAsylum.com/ltdp/ep2.html This episode covers val...



snowwhi73 says:

You are a very creative teacher and I’m so happy you take the time to show
us how to draw. I am learning so much from you and can’t wait to learn to
draw. Please make more for us ok?

DaLegend116 says:

I wanna learn!!!!!!!!!!!

Wutsma Naim says:

Are you an art teacher or something? Because the way you explain things
just sticks an image right into my head and makes everything easier. It
makes me understand things much better. Thanks alot.

Lucas Lindgren says:

funky looking forms 😀

hevyda says:

You’re just fantastic! The way you explain things is just… Well…
Extraordinary! Magnificent! Fabulous! Aw man I’d wish you were my art
teacher 😛 Wooot? Why can’t I vote for 10 stars? xD

Danial Glover says:

If you kids want to draw but don’t want to watch his videos this clearly
isn’t for you. Go to your little comic book store and buy your little dbz
or naruto how to draw books. Lazy kids…

Geraint Pierce says:

why o why did i not have a teacher like you in school,your so gifted m8

djsuikke says:

Same here and they say that the schools here in Finland are in the top 5 of
the world’s best educational systems, and yet these videos teach so much
more. And the teacher here talks a lot better than those in my school >_>

airscrew1 says:

I really found this part intriquing. The bit about the optical illusions
was excellent. Things are starting to make sense so don’t think you’re
rambling. you’re actually a very good communicator. Shame we didn’t have
people like you at school in the 1970’s. I’d probably be better educated.
Although my spelling is pretty good isn’t it viewers?

Grace Ngantian says:

lol it’s like that annoying wack-a-mole game!

Alex Inc says:

yu rock. thanks!

sashosfhc says:

i’m a tattoo artist he he, i actually know how much smoking it takes x))

garett69 says:

OMG it’s Gaius Baltar!


In this vidéo you are drawing like…like god

djsuikke says:

Well it seems that you don’t…

RedWyvern33 says:

thanks 😀

54spiritedwill54 says:

you are cool, i understood 🙂

mapflu says:

Thank you very much for all the information. I appreciate your efforts a
lot. I held you in high honor.

LoveSweetCandys says:

I started too draw and I wont chill out until I wont do it in the level I
want to,i hope I wont get VERY old till when xD

TheAlmighyShia says:

I hate value scales! The explanation is vary interesting, and makes things
seem alot less bothersome then my past art teachers.

illbeurplanb says:

Wow you’re awesome. Love that painting behind you.

tropicallanterns says:

What value on the grey scale is 18% grey, is it 5?

Silver Mirai says:

Uhm, I see the Gray spots in the intersections because thats the contrast,
but if I decrease my eyes contrast just a bit I can see The picture without
those Gray contrast spots, to decrease the contrast of my eyes I close my
eyes a little Try it ^_^ , the eye lashes decreases the amount of light
that goes in the retina as u close Your Eyes

Serge Magnavox says:


ellena001 says:

Maybe U should pay more attention to what he’s talking about, instead of
giving unnecessary advices. He makes perfect sense. Maybe u need more
schooling if u’r brain is slow.

mjZstargirl says:

creativity stems through adversity, love. not drugs.

bukofezra says:

This guy is awesome.

nou yang says:

nice i loved the moving black dots illusion

MissyIzzy says:

you’re an amazing teacher! i’ve learned more from you in 20 mins of video
than i did in a whole year of my science class!

N8wood1 says:

hey everyone! i just uploaded a video of an oil painting that took me 5
months to finish. i would like to get some feedback on it. so if everyone
that reads this could check it out and let me know what you think it would
help me out! the video is called — monumental oil painting- from start to
finish. thanks everyone!

kiwiwomble says:

love it.. the illusions where very easy to see and definatley highlights
why I find the whole thing so hard.. please keep the vids coming..

everyoneloveskayla says:

hey thanks

StepBySt3p says:

sharing ur knowledge –ur very inspiring

mswagg30 says:

you are a great teacher for my style of learning, thx for these vids

farid jedid says:

I drew the hermann grid illussion! I never tought i could make that myself.
Its not very clear because the value of my pencil is grey at 10.

mastersanta001 says:

how old r u..im guessing 23

JavaCrammer says:

If you want to, you can really break it down into a science. Get metaphors
and fantastic explanation.

Gabriele1979 says:

Bravo a disegnare e bravo ad insegnare. 🙂

notouchi says:

shut up this guys awsum

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