Learn Lightroom 5 – Part 15: Create An HDR Like Effect With Lightroom (Training Tutorial)

Learn Lightroom 5 – Part 15: Create An HDR Like Effect With Lightroom (Training Tutorial)

You can't process multiple bracketed photos into a single HDR image in Lightroom but you can easily process a single image so that it appears to be an HDR im...



Michael Ehringhaus says:

Nice! Thanks for demonstrating how to do it within Lightroom. I’m not
really an HDR person, but I do like to know how to do it. Thanks.

Dave plum says:

thank you so much …. <3

Prabir Sen says:

It has been a great lightroom tutorial for me. Photography has been my
passionate hobby & it appears there is a great way to learn the techniques.
However I have used the sharpening & clarity to my liking. Thank you!


Awesome tutorials Tony you are the best Just got into lightroom and you
have been a great help Thanks a lot an keep them coming.

RichC4JC says:

Wow, great video, so far one of my favorites. Thank you.

AXNJXN1 says:

Incredibly brilliant effect and tut; excellent tips and process! Thank

nil l says:

All I can say is thank you for this video,,:D

rafael quirindongo 郭立峰 says:

OMG! Fantastic lesson. Took an old photo and “electrified” the mood.
Loved the results so posted it here: http://bit.ly/KuT1fp
Mentioned your tutorials on the website. Hope that was ok.

Thank you Anthony!

charles molt says:

very good hdr 

Karen Borter says:

Very cool ! While this wouldn’t be useful in all photos I can see where it
would be really neat in photos from places like amusement parks where there
are a lot of colors or if you want a slightly “animated” quality to the
photo. I am just getting back into photography after many years. My best
photos were shot in film and when digital cameras hit I was really only
doing POS photography. I recently purchased a nicer Canon and want to be
able to process photos which is why I purchased LR5. Some really great
stuff. Thank YOU again for taking the time to do these. I have already been
praising your how to’s on Facebook LOL

Lou Wilson says:

Anthony I love your videos. One comment from a Mac user. On the Mac with a
mighty mouse you just have to slide your index finger up or down the top of
the mouse to increase or decrease the adjustment brush. Don’t have to use
the bracket keys. It also works for anything else you have to increase or
decrease like the spot brush red eye correction etc.

Also what I do sometimes I make a shot HDR so its really garish in color
and turn it into B&W and it looks really good

Also on a personal note I spent one month every summer of my teenage years
with my aunt in Niagara Falls Canada and went to the Buffalo Zoo often. So
some of your photos are familiar. Keep em coming. 

Amanda Secor says:

Thank you for the great lessons. You have helped me much.

joseph hortelano says:

very impressive!!

Synnøve Rasmussen says:

Dear Anthony.
Thank you very mutch for the lesson, you is a very good teacher

Proud2beMrsWolfe says:

I know it’s just a snap shot but this is actually a really good as a HDR
image. I like it. 🙂 

Anthony Fields says:

man i really wish i wold of known About Raw files Before I Bout My Camera I
just Bout A Fuji Film Finepix s6800 with a wide angle and 30x zoom and its
ok but nothing like what i been seeing on you channel dose any one know any
good settings for this camera ??? and yes im a noob i would like too try
and Do some hdr shots but this cam only takes jpeg shots smh 

Brandon Lay says:

Amazing end results, useful tips and tools. And thanks!!

Cathryn Breitbarth says:

Thank you so much for doing these. I’m new to SLR and am loving these
videos! Thank you thank you!

Sula Mello says:

For sure I will subscribe … I love it
thank you so much
that video helped me a lot ..

jay sardido says:

awesome sir , thanks for the tutorial … :D

AimeeLaJoy says:

Thank you so much! :)

Sonu Dhariwal says:


wearefamilyxx says:

I skipped ahead to this lesson and its turned a plain photo in to a
masterpiece thanks :)

Felipe Pires de Albuquerque says:

Thank you!! Easy to do with these instructions

Ethan Reynolds says:

Just got my first DSLR and these tutorials have helped me a ton to make my
photos look better. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Eduardo Gibba says:

Very nice ! Thanks!

Dimitri Broekhof says:

Tnx for sharing this with us!
I’m a noob with Lightroom and this is one of the reasons why i am going to
use it

David Carter says:

fantastic thank you

Shahzeb Javed says:

Really Amazinggg

Loved it

Thanks alotttt

First time i downloaded lightroom and i dont knw much abt this software but
still managed to made my photo HD….

Thanks alot

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