Learn how to start a portrait in oil. Ben Lustenhouwer

Learn how to start a portrait in oil. Ben Lustenhouwer

http://www.paintingportraittips.com/latest-video-tutorials/ Ben Lustenhouwer is a professional portrait artist, trained in the tradition of the dutch masters...



Ben Lustenhouwer says:

Starting in oil I hardly use any medium. For large surfaces in the
background I might give a wash of paint diluted with citrus turpentine,
almost like watercolour, and later come back with the real paint.

Ben Lustenhouwer says:

I use a mirror to detect mistakes in forms and values.

Derek Miller says:

I’m going to be brutally honest. I appears to me that you started in vine
charcoal and not oil. :D

yasmine hagar says:

why do you use the mirror? 

Breana Wilson says:

That was amazinggg!!! what was the measuring device you used called? also
what is the songs in this video? thanks!

DaisyDrawsStuff says:

Beautiful painting skills, what do you thin your oils with? Also does it
matter if you don’t measure out the painting first? Only I’ve never been
taught how to paint

55sarajevo says:

What about graFfite paper /

Gina Mullins says:

May I ask what type of projector you use?

Hardik Taneja says:

made my day inspired me and who ever the guitarist is tell him/her …that
the piece on 7:40 was brilliant !

Dianne Eagle says:

What is looking through the mirror for?

Ben Lustenhouwer says:

I think they all used decives as rulers and so on. Depending on their own
inventiveness. Very interesting is the book David Hockney wrote on this
issue: Secret knowledge.

My Huong Trinh says:


MazArtStudio says:

the large tool is called a beam compass – I got one from Amazon!! – this
video is very very helpful thank you for sharing!

KimCyunHi says:

You should spray some fixative over your charcoal drawing before you start

Ben Lustenhouwer says:

My favorite brushes are hog filberts. In Spain I can get Escoda. Excellent

Liu Cindy says:

It is nice.. We are also oil painting art studio

Ben Lustenhouwer says:

To see the mahl stick and more adjustments to my easel go to my blog
paintintportraittips Tips&Trics. Best.Ben

Yssebelle Milla says:

or do you just use one of those painted thngs?

Michelle Waters-Wilson says:

I am interested in your mahl stick: did you make it and if you please give
some details of the form. thanks

Susie LaLonde says:

What a great tip…my drawings and paintings always have a slant to them
maybe this will help with that. By the way I love watching you paint, I
have learned a lot from your videos. Thank you so much. 🙂

v sak says:

oil on canvas or oil on paper?

Judy Warner says:

What is that big measurer called? I want one—thanks for this video, very
helpful. Judy

Frank Hicklin says:

Love the technique and the time lapse demo

golfo0011 says:

Great lesson to learn how do the first steeps from a protrait in few
minutes, without photo proyections. The use of mirror is the better way to
see the possible errors, I think. With the second part video from the same
portrait (color) are a master class. Thanks for post.

MazArtStudio says:

Hi Ben. are you using any mediums to thin the umber?

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