Introduction to Photography / Pentax K1000

Introduction to Photography / Pentax K1000

Pentax K1000 Men's and Women's Tees! This is an introduction to photography. Pentax K1000 at Amazon: http:...



Olivia Bee says:

Wow… this isn’t patronising at all.๏ปฟ

7murt7 says:

i just ruined my whole film today (4 hours shooting) cuz im new with this
.. but the good thing is i got it now. thanks for sharing this <3๏ปฟ

anindya chin gu says:

I want to try and I want to learn how to use anlog singel lens reflex
camera, how evern i don’t have it yet, because i don’t know hot to choose
good secondhand alsr camera ๏ปฟ

stauf18086 says:

When you say don’t touch the shutter speed, what setting are we supposed to
leave it on?

GalaticTG says:

I just got a k1000 with a 50mm lens from a antique store for $50 ๐Ÿ˜€

artcat21 says:

Very helpful, I will save this. I have decided to go old-fashion and learn
the basics, hope to win a AE-1 Cannon SLR on ebay to get started.

Steven Hoelderich says:

Thank you I didn’t want the lady upset more ,then she already was then she
went on her merry way.

Mort mer says:

@GalaticTG Lucky

Axeldude says:

@GalaticTG Great buy!

killerlipsonrai says:

@mrjon2069 Yeah, it was great. Thanks man. Now I’ll just have to get my
hands on a Pentax K1000 in a good condition, which is actually pretty
tough; been trolling ebay for hours looking for good and legitimate deals.

Mitchell Thomas says:

@GalaticTG I got one for free from my great grandad with a flash and two
lenses ๐Ÿ˜€

ydoesutubesucksobad says:

SHIT what the hell u need 200 bucks for ?? you can get a perfectly fine
pentax + lens for 25 on ebay ! did it several times myself ! those cameras
last ages and are mostly intact !

Arthur Bear says:

Great Advise THANKS!

Luc Sz says:

I went to a camera store and they repaired it, the dial was blocked because
it was too dirty

surferboy36O says:

Wow, itยดs really a crash course, lots of info at once! One thing though,
the 35mm reffers to the width of the roll of film, the picture frame is 24
x 36mm. The K1000 is an excellent camera and specially as a beginner’s
choice, I would also advice to buy a case for the camera and maybe a
standard zoom lens (28-80mm or similar) with a case if possible. Also,
NEVER touch the mirror or the focusing screen or the lens, and buy a UV
filter and a lens cap to protect and so the battery doesn’t drain.

Likeafoxow says:

I cannot like this video enough. I just started really getting into
photography several months ago. I ended up buying a Canon 7D with a couple
of Sigma lenses and a Canon L. Now I’ve become obsessed with the roots of
photography and want a simpler film camera. Honestly, I wish that I had
stumbled upon this video when I first got obsessed. I would have spent less
money on the right equipment and probably would have ended up much happier.
Regardless, great vid! Concise yet detailed!

gumdrops27 says:

Such an awesome vid

JoseSkate696 says:

what happens if you touch the shutter?

squirrelbrulee says:

Very helpful tutorial! Thanks

Logan Parks says:

thank you so much! this video helped TREMENDOUSLY! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

pereiraelcristian says:

thank you very much, very helpfull

Theflyinhawaiian2000 says:

You get attacked by zombies… And it’s dirty? Idk.

Katy Aretxabaleta says:

Question.. does it REALLY matter the brand of film you use? can you not use
fujifilm? The camera is after all, made in Japan.. and what about using
other brands.. as long as they are a brand name? And is there really a
brand that is sold a “professional”.. labeled as such.. as professional? Or
are any of these brand name films of this speed considered to be

serjicalstrike6 says:

hey thanks for this video, just bought my k1000 on ebay and getting to
grips with it before college starts in a few days!!

Jules. Verne. says:

Finally to ALL Film SLR owners, You can PUSH-Process your Films, depending
on the Film Manufacturers Film Specifications on “Push-Processing Films”.
Use this in Conjuction with “Hypering or Hypersensitizing Film and Super
CO2(Carbon Dioxided Super Chilling of ALL Colour and B&W Films). Now, you
will realize that Analog Film is NOT Dead yet,Digital SLR Photography now
requiring Major CS4 or CS5 Photoshop Exact Science Processng in the Digital
Pro-DSLR Categories of the 24.5 to33 MegaPixel ranges!

Axeldude says:

Thanks for this!

hoosierok says:

Great video…EXTREMELY helpful….THANKS!

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