How to Use a Digital Camera : How To Take Black & White Photos

How to Use a Digital Camera : How To Take Black & White Photos

Learn techniques for black and white photography, including how to enhance dramatic effect in this free photography video. Expert: Chris C. Conklin Bio: Ever...



Evan Florenz says:

i still have no idea what a photo is..

spotgreeen says:

Fack! That was so brain dead.

babaradio says:

I didn’t know that pitcher is a picture. I really hate it when people
mispronounce that word. Kind of like “liberry” . Picture has a “c” in it.
Use it.

stickigloo says:

Thanks for taking the time to do this video! Nice sunset, I will try to
convert a few of my photos to black and white! Cheers! M

gnitotlgaako says:

what is the sofrware he using for editing pix??

Ashley Jezella says:

i thought it looked like a squirrel.

kiemurat says:

Yep, that guy has been smoking something for sure.

burningthestarlight says:

i dont see a man, i see a dog.

harley7313 says:

can do with out the home depot add

jheiD5 says:

seriously the guys been smoking pot! another CRAP video from the worlds
most Expert Village!!!!!! seriuosly, there’s nothing expert on this video!
any 5th grader can easily do this video.. another waste of time from the

MAJE2TY says:

@JCABRERA5150 lol

Boris Urumov says:

thats idiotic you should speak whyto use b&w where how what that kind of

JCABRERA5150 says:

Expert village or village idiots?

wardo221 says:

one thing ive learned from photography is that i always take my photos in
colour then turn to greyscale or sepia in photoshop later. its a lot easier
to take colour out than put it in. if u decide that the photo u took in
greyscale would look better in colour then u’ll b there for so long putting
it in u’ll have gone greyscale!

Jose Rock says:

Oh yeah I see all that, Am I supposed to use drugs while learning? hahaha
nice tutorial though

mikemullany says:

i have a video on my channel of the pictures i have taken. i would like as
much insight as i can get from anyone.

jellybeaner18 says:

Its a Squirrel.

turukskai says:

i thought it looked like a dog barking at the sky :-)lol really had to
focus to see someone with something on their back

canadianmaple09 says:

That first image he used (of the sunset) looked way better in colour than
in black and white. There is no interesting detail in the photo really…
without the colour to make it interesting it’s just blah.

ekmindustries says:

:O i clicked on an expert village vid rite unlike n go on new vid

splinkydinkydinky says:

this has nothing to do with using a camera.

bryna beramo says:

please visit and read my first blog about my
amateur black and white photo experiment thanks

checkabreak says:

All i see is anal sex images dude crazy… oh no there’s also a nice little
gold fish being anally rape

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