How to Set Up a Photography Darkroom : How to Choose an Enlarger for a Darkroom

How to Set Up a Photography Darkroom : How to Choose an Enlarger for a Darkroom

Learn advice for choosing an enlarger for your darkroom in this free photography video. Expert: Lanie McCormick Bio: Lanie McCormick is an artist, photograph...



Shane Lee says:

@crazybassjammer You know how I know that you’re are completely retarded?

themanlion1 says:

@crazybassjammer wet labs are being left behind.. and i for one think that
it is important to have the skill even if you are a digital photographer.

ToddB987 says:

Hey crazy bass dude… There is care and effort to film and darkroom
photography. I have a BFA in traditional photo. It’s not always about
money, it’s about passion we film and darkroom still do it. I bet your
poser digital can’t hold a candle to my Rolleiflex 3.5f camera, or still
shoot beautiful Images still after 50 years. Ease lends to be sloppiness.

ragnarocking says:

stupid question, I’m sure, but I’m on digital and will soon be making the
move to film. I’m assuming that those metal dividers on the easel are for
“cropping” the photo? If so, how do you know where to place them if the
image hasn’t been exposed on the photographic paper yet? Thanks

Juan Sanchez says:

Go to school for digital degree. Sure, I need to scan the photo to use it
for graphic designing. So 90’s but of course you all know that. I shot with
film and it sucked!!!!!!!!!!!

captainbedworthy says:

Just enough info to keep newbies interested, vg.

rick92rr says:

@crazybassjammer you’re an idiotic mind =D

Juan Sanchez says:

You know digital has been around over 10 years ago? Maybe you should
YouTube digital now.

Juan Sanchez says:

@stretto94 It is call digital RAW for digital graphic designs!

Juan Sanchez says:

While you all are making chunk change and supporting Kodak film from filing
bankruptcy, my “digital photography business” makes over $300,000. I own
over $30,000 of photography gear. But of course you all still making
minimum wage.

circleOFconfusion says:

britney spears does not sute you dear…..

Juan Sanchez says:

I am assuming you couldn’t pass digital photography class?

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