How To Obtain Proper Exposure

How To Obtain Proper Exposure

Obtain good exposure from your camera using a light meter.



zachNewYork says:

Very good and straight to the point. 5 stars from me. Thanks.

anoblemanforlife says:

thanks for your video. I am just starting out so it’s simple enough for me
to understand.

TVlesliearnelle says:

great advice..thank u!!

0714boskittles says:

Good video I subscribed and am looking forward to even more valuable
information thanks again.

thesoulofjapan says:

Uuuhhh…. Bubba Gump on photography

BadZav says:

this is what u tube is all about. must have put loads of money into this

Rome Wilkerson-Photography says:

Very good vid Sir -Rome

theCrazyReddshow says:

Great Job!

Dana Ng says:

Lol Just use your eyes! Photography is an art! Beauty is not a science!
Technical skills are just the means to achieving that art!

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