How to Edit Kids Portrait in Lightroom 3? Learn to sharpen eyes, soften skin using Adjustment Brush

How to Edit Kids Portrait in Lightroom 3? Learn to sharpen eyes, soften skin using Adjustment Brush (Budget Equipment) (For Extra Help)



turywury says:

Maybe number 3 not sure some seem to bright for my liking

Abhishek Mayekar says:

Picture 3 is something different I like it….


Picture 3 is really nice

GameKingFaiz says:

2 & 5

Manuela Drevenšek says:

1 & 4

slububbadubba says:

I too very much like #3.

Mizkovski says:

thanx for a great tutorial… already becoming ur subscribers…huhuhuh

Hugo Rodriguez says:

Number 4

Brandon Willis says:

Great job, I liked it

Darius Baber says:

I know nothing about editing photographs but it seems her face was too soft
took away her features but a awesome video as always I learn so much every

picturemepurple94 says:

Gimp is a great free one! And Adobe photoshop CS2 is now free! Just visit
the adobe website 🙂

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Don’t be shy. Post your comments/favorite edit below.

shivam patel says:


jersondanz says:

picture number 4 =)

PhotographersOnUTube says:

@iRatatouille I’m not familiar with picnik but my understanding is that
free softwares normally don’t do in depth editing. Adobe actually gives
discount to students or teachers. If you qualify for that then LR3 may run
you less than 90 bucks which is a steal.

Kathy Fernandez says:

@photographersOnUTube Oops sorry about that! Lol

Moorthy Raman says:

Editing these pictures are very awesome. i never have done the photo
editing on my mac. i am just beginner to the photography and this video has
given me lot things and lessons to me to improve my photographic technics.
i really like it and i am very interested to know more about learning
photography. i am just a new and i got D7000 which is very new. Thanks for
the video and all the stuffs. keep up the momentum go on.

CafZone says:

Sub done ! Just got my D7000, sooo much to learn. 😉 thx !

iRatatouille says:

Number 3

louie A.C says:

i got a cousin ask me to photograph my niece birthday
party.should shoot raw or jpeg? thank you sir

iRatatouille says:

@PhotographersOnUTube Thanks a lot for replying!

8javed says:

Beautiful child.

Pedro Villalba says:

Number 2.

Manekandan VS says:

3 Is Excellent , Its very different 🙂

iRatatouille says:

Happy New Year! I’ve been using Picnik, but I would like to have more
options for editing. What free photo editor would you recommend? I would
like to be able to sharpen eyes, soften skin like you did in this video,
but since I’m a beginner I’m not ready yet to spend money on a software.

Ladysmotz says:

#3 is my favorite. I like more color throughout the photo. Skin tone and
hair specifically.

Valerijus Krasnopiorovas says:

Second one looks nice

Lauen says:

what kind of editing do u have ?

Cris Asnan says:

hey this is cool. thanks for sharing.

Raturday says:

Number one looks the best to me. All great edits, though.

isaiasdrj1 says:

Number 4

Sandra Ja'nini says:

thats was awesome. thank you! Big help for a newbie. Keep them coming 🙂

Chong soonfah says:

Greta job~ I like it~

Darius Baber says:

How much is this program

Kathy Fernandez says:

I have to say 5 because it’s mine! :-). I really love the opportunity to
edit the photos. Thanks very much!

PhotographersOnUTube says:

@kathfern lol. You can’t do that Kathy. We can’t vote for our own picture.
😛 I like Pic #1 the best. The way eyes were edited in that just popped. I
was totally drawn into the picture because of this redish tone in the eye.
Not sure how Philip got it but it looked great.

TheKaraBoii says:

I like one and 4

chinmayllb says:

no.3 m/

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