How To Create A Photography Website: EASY! (BURO WooThemes) (2013)

How To Create A Photography Website: EASY! (BURO WooThemes) (2013) How to create an ecommerce online mobile website store using WordPress? In this video learn how to create a beautiful business web...



Lolly Catanese says:

Hi Katrina, Two thumbs up for you! Very detailed. My only question, Let’s
say I have to sell photos from events, say 50photos. And I want to cluster
each photo into one event/item title and sell it one by one, would I use
variations or the group? I hope you get what I’m saying here… 🙂 Thanks
a lot and more power to you!


Need a website for your biz? Learn how to create a GORGEOUS business
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Create A Gorgeous Business Website 2013 (WooThemes E-Commerce Buro
WordPress Theme)

Joe Mal says:

I have used your Buro theme video to set up my website. I tried installing
Yoast as a Seo plug in version 1.4.22. It completely disrupted my products
page. Is there an Seo plug in you would recommend for the Woo commerce
Buro theme. Joe my email is

Mark Taylor says:

I have enjoyed your video, I have a problem when I setup my “Contact”
page…and went to view it It says my email is not setup, how do I setup my
email on the Contact page I have been following your video, and have been
doing pretty good at creating my web page, thanks so much for this

David Fernando Milan says:

Hello Katrina, i am really enjoying your tutorials at your website and am
learning WordPress very well, keep up the good work, gorgeous! (wink)

77webstudio says:

Hi William, I have never used godaddy for hosting. I use Hostgator for my
sites and love hostgator — they have great customer service. If you decide
to switch to hostgator, feel free to use my coupon to get an extra discount
off your order. The coupon is: wpcoupon25. I’ll check out Socrates themes,
thanks for the fyi!

pruthviraj gowda says:

how to see the people who signed up to our website? how to create the
signup form?

Raman Gupta says:

hi katrina,when i am installing the Buro theme on wordpress, i am getting
an error that “temporary folder missing…”, can you help please!

77webstudio says:

hi pruthviraj, to create a signup form, please see my vid called “how to
add an email opt-in form to your wordpress website”. in that video i show
step-by-step how to create a free account at mailchimp (email marketing
software) and set up your form with the free “magic action box” plugin. to
see your list of subscribers in mailchimp, log in to mailchimp and click
“list” at the top. hope that helps.

77webstudio says:

hi there, thanks for subscribing! great suggestion, will add amazon
affiliates in wordpress to my list. there are quite a few other vids in the
queue, please check back. thanks!

Udayrajsinh Khuman says:

it was very helpful 4 me.

77webstudio says:

wonderful, so glad it solved the issue. thanks for your update, argi.
looking forward to seeing your new websites!

77webstudio says:

you’re welcome, thanks so much for watching, kiev, and thanks for your
comment. : )

77webstudio says:

hi mark, so glad you enjoyed the video. re: the contact error, please see
this video on how to fix this: youtube(dot)com/watch?v=DL_Pg3CZ_YI thanks
for your comment, hope this helps.

Marcial Blas says:

Hi Katrinah,thanks for sharing this video tutorials,very precise and up to
the minute detail on how to create a Website.Again two thumbs up.God Bless!

77webstudio says:

thanks for your comment, marcial. happy to help. blessings to you as well!

77webstudio says:

you’re welcome, thanks for watching ramesh.

Caneacrete says:

Hello Katrinah and thank you so much for your valuable tutorials. Your are
a gifted communicator! Greetings

77webstudio says:

hi argi, thanks for your comment. to fix the contact form please see my
other video: youtube(dot)com /watch?v=DL_Pg3CZ_YI (“how to fix contact form
errors”). thanks for watching. hope this helps.

77webstudio says:

obrigada por suas amáveis ​​palavras, geovani. estou tão feliz que os
vídeos são úteis. espero que você tenha uma ótima semana. thanks for your
kind words, geovani. so glad the videos are helpful. wishing you a great

77webstudio says:

thank you so much for your nice comment. : )

Best Shockers says:

By far the most educational WordPress video I have ever watched…you are a
very good teacher. Not too quick, and not to slow! – Thanks. [:

Kago155 says:

Awesome tutorial, i subscribed to ur amazing channel. Can u plz make a
tutorial on creating amazon affiliate website in wordpress that would be

77webstudio says:

so glad to help, thanks so much for your nice comment. : )

Geovani Araujo says:

Katrina, você é simplesmente maravilhosa. Adorei o seu tutorial. Katrinah,
You’re wonderfull. I loved your tutorial. Thanks.

gerda murdoch says:

how can i get rid of search bar in header since we have it in side bar via

77webstudio says:

thanks for your comment! great request, will add this to my list, please
check back soon.

77webstudio says:

so glad it helped, thank you for your comment.

Udayrajsinh Khuman says:

thank u so much.

Argi Griego says:

It did worked, THANK YOU a lot. I will send both versions i made this blog.
the very first is dfdecodarionfloral(dot)biz – a flower store. The second
one, is what i did with your tutorial, and when done i will post it here,
so that you also check it. Really is a very minimalistic template and as
you will see in both versions is a versatile one. Thank you, i appreciate

77webstudio says:

thank you, david. so glad you are enjoying the videos! : )

77webstudio says:

you’re so welcome, thank you for watching.

Rod7andy says:

First off, I’m a newbie at building websites so I want you to know your
videos are great!!! I want to build a site of my own so… Can you do a
tutorial video for a wordpress Ecommerce storefront with membership options
and also show how to utilize the Jetpack plugin? Thanks

helios says:

oh i’m looking for the video you did where you put a format gallery into
the menu..ive just done one, in hope it would put all my posts with photos
in them into it..but content not found. i will google an answer. thanks.

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