How to Change the Pixel Size in a Digital Camera : Photography Lessons

How to Change the Pixel Size in a Digital Camera : Photography Lessons

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Jgbo25 says:

Pixel size? Pixels are a controlled size.. The different formats offer more
data in the form of meta data, and layer saving options. Also some offer
comparability with 64bit color rather than 16 bit.. Expert village is
messing up

lazy lee oni-synn says:

thanks, i just got a camera from ebay and it had no paper work. this was

Lucas Lim says:

Thanks! But, why I used a camera over three years and still don’t know this

tigertruckerman says:

She is hot, 

Jared Foley says:

Describing it as “pixel size” is misleading since the pixels are not
changing in size but rather coverage area. What she is doing is increasing
or decreasing the quantity of pixels used in the photo, aka resolution.
Higher resolution=more detailed photos=bigger file size.
RAW format means you are not compressing the photo into jpeg format. So
each pixel stores more digital information. Chose RAW if you plan to edit
your photos with software like Photoshop, Lightroom, or Aperature. 

Charles L says:

That is not pixel size honey

SuperJavie001 says:

This video was incredibly over simplifying the subject and was lacking in
finer details. . Poorly done… very poorly done.

Inkcooler says:

Expert Village? It’s such a pity that videos of this poor quality of
content and lack of expert commentary will probably impede aspiring

RapiDEraZeR says:

i could not follow this tutorial because you did not say that i am supposed
to pick the camera up or touch it

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