HDR Photography Magic

HDR Photography Magic

Trip to Calais and Belgium in April 2010. Used a Nikon D5000, Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Photomatix Pro. Here you can see the before and after effects of HDR to...



HephaestuS by RomZ (HbR) says:


Andy Park says:

@jarhead262 Thanks for your comments. I do like my D5000

Boeingloverzz says:

@EROJNKLSD But somehow, it looks… beautiful !! πŸ˜€

Alexander Kvale says:

Hi. How many pictures have you taken here for each photo generating them
into HDR?

Nicola Cammisa says:

Beautiful images. But, how about some music a bit lesser soothing? I
understand you can’t please us all πŸ™‚

pixcellz says:

when I first started with DSLR I was crazy about HDR photography. over
times, I like natural photography and believe that’s best. HDR creates
artifacts and halo around objects. But yes, only controlled HDR effect for
landscape sometimes works for me

stefanDMS says:

HDR on portraits? Other photos are great!

frankytap says:

Great job on the HDR! I know some say its overdone and yeah I can agree on
few of those photos. But overall very nicely done and keep up with the
awesome work that you do! =D

sina issa says:

nice video…

ember fly says:

HDR is so ugly.

olienn90 says:

@LionsEdge Exogenesis Symphony Pt 3 – Muse πŸ™‚

ReviewCam . says:

I love good HDR photography, but hate the crappy stuff that just makes
everything look like a cartoon. HDR is a wonderful artistic expression,
though not appropriate for photojournalism. Beautiful pictures here:) I
really like this video.

Andy Park says:

@Quagmire88 always keeps your ISO at around 200 in your menu settings. I
rarely ever change the ISO. Always keep your F. number the same when taking
the 3 shots also. I had mine on F.7 for outdoor landscapes but this depends
on what lens you use for good exposure and depth of field. Only change your
shutter speed. Do all this in Manual settings. Hope this helps. You should
be attempting to get a balanced photo, 1 underexposed and 1 overexposed

lacrahuntington says:

@EROJNKLSD They are but they loook amazing. It’s like they are in a
different reality. I simply love em all. Its almost like they are painted.

Craig White AUST says:

Not bad. Why the heavy cropping in after images?

mattandhisnikon says:

I think you need to strive to make these looks more realistic – your
compositional selections are fine, it’s just over processed.

Maxwell Minbad says:

HDR on iPhone 4 corrects the quality of the image. Other than that, ie
using a DSLR, some people like it, while I clearly don’t. To me the result
is like some cheap, ugly software post processing effect. But hey…

Robin French says:

It looks like a pixar animation! like Shrek or Toystory

Richard Armstrong says:

very nice.i’ve really got to have a go sometime!!!

Diogo Morais says:


ChrisDonaldsonVideos says:

These are amazing, HDR also looks really good on a crowd of people

Andy Park says:

@katingaman cheers

AncientStoryteller says:

0:55 WOW!!!!!

Sayed Qusyairi says:

good job man


Thanks for email your web page is very nice. Cheers

TheJohanNorway says:

aaamazing, wanna learn how to do this! post a turtorial πŸ™‚

nataly754 says:

yes please T___T

Andy Park says:

@MrNullifier thanks

Andy Park says:

@photobugkat What lens do you use indoors? I only have a Sigma 18-200mm and
I recently borrowed my friends Nikon 18-55mm DX VR. Although this is a very
cheap lens considering the prices of lenses it is however very sharp. I
just bought a Nissin Di622 Mark 2 flash gun for indoors to bounce light off
the ceiling. Setting the camera to ISO 250 and shutter speed to 1/40 of a
second with a VR lens you still get sharp images. Oh and yes JPEG is fine
but they say Raw works better. All mine are JPEG

MrNullifier says:

very nice photos

LionsEdge says:

What song is this ? The singer sounds like Matthew Bellamy from Muse.

Made4DBZ33 says:

Excellent pics… and thx for loading it with 720P option. My only gripe is
that hdr and portraits don’t mix in my opinion but if you love it keep on
doing it :D.

arseshan says:

good to see u bk… nice video……nice effects…..

Andy Park says:

@jjdbest7 Wow, thanks for your comment. Much appreciated. Although I have
to admit, this was my early attempts at HDR with photomatix. I have since
figured a good way how to improve them by adding yet another layer of the
original images on top in photoshop and the masking back in all the
balanced sections like the edges between the sky and objects. Hope this
gives you some tips. Good luck πŸ™‚

jjdbest7 says:

Great job man! Don’t listen to the people that ” dont like” HDR I wonder
how they click on your video… Maybe they didn’t read the tittle right LOL!

David Tapia says:

I hate HDR it just kills traditional photography, plus it looks very

Andy Park says:

Thanks for the feedback. To be honest this was my first attempts at HDR
several years ago. I can honestly say they are well overdone. I keep
telling myself I should put some new work up. When I get the time I wil
post a new video.

Andy Park says:

@nataly754 Sorry for the late reply, If you still need this answering I
would be happy to help

VOLTIS5 says:

I’m with nataly754. i would like to know as well. those shots were pretty

Akusmo says:

Could please do a tutorial of how do you HDR this photos pls? They are

nataly754 says:

oh by the way …great pictures πŸ˜‰

Quagmire88 says:

@apvajra ah ok that makes more sense. Thanks a lot. πŸ™‚ oh and by the way,
beautiful shots πŸ˜€

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