Harry How – Sports Photographer – Part 1

Harry How – Sports Photographer – Part 1

As a sports photographer for Getty Images, Harry How has worked most of the major events in sports: Super Bowl, the Masters, Olympics, and playoffs of every ...



Carl Fung says:

It must be an older video before the 70-200mm came out. Notice he also says
17-35 and not 16-35. The 17-35 came out before both versions of the 16-35.


@lew1310 That wasn’t out at the time of making this video

Caleb Farley says:


Andrew Piatek says:

Well, I have a very basic kit around Olympus E-500 including a 35mm macro
lens and 300mm 4.5 OM manual focus lens. I also have a higher end Sony A900
with 24-70mm f/2.8 and 70-200mm f/2.8. For some reason, I wouldn’t consider
a Canon camera, maybe becasue it disgusts me when I see 90% of DSLR users
shooting with the Rebel. Nikon also turned me off lately. On the other
hand, I am really drooling over the Pentax K7 now, with 200mm f/2.8, 100mm
f/2.8 macro and 14mm f/.28 wide angle.

sarzamineiran says:

@ihateyaacov Canon and Nikon are both fine manufacturers of cameras, and
really it all comes down to your personal preference. Form my own
experience, i’ve noticed that most professionals in all fields of
commercial photography use Canon cameras and glass (high quality and


@TheDawahKid “What’s the best lens for blogging?” Are you for real?

kingocarina says:

@silaroongreangsri Kim Jong Il

jimmykool says:

@iamsonuts 17-35 2.8L exists, i have one. It was released pre 16-25 2.8L

dev2k8 says:

one of the most honest straight forward and genuine pc of video for
photographers that i’ve seen!

martinaee says:

@sumitino WTF are people complaining or something? I use Nikon so I don’t
know about that lens, but there are definitely 80-200mm lenses on the
market. His could very well be one of those.

pongscript says:

Why most of amateur photographer bash about mistake that professional
photographer.. is it sour gaping?.. by the way, very fantastic video.

Andrew Piatek says:

I think it has to do more with fashion or what 90% of other people are
using, just like with Microsoft software on computers, almost everyone is
using Canon equipment in photography. There are some pro photographers who
use Olympus equipment, and I know one of them won Purlitzer photographing
rodeos. Another guy used Nikon lenses to shoot gymnastics. But 90% of
people use putty colored lenses. I think it has to do more with the Canon
brand than quality. Not to say that Canon is bad though

Chris Andonoski says:

I’ve noticed something, 70% of the photographers are bald xD

Kirk Cameron says:

Good point. I should delete that comment.

alip93 says:

also that was a 400mm L! You can see it on the label!

Richard Nguyen says:

@rafibad there is a 80-200mm 2.8L lens its the older version of the
70-200mm L. And the lens is all black instead of white. they nicknamed it
the “magic drain pipe” very hard to find and is pretty rare nowadays. Think
before you speak or in this case type.

Wil Create says:

He speaks the truth…and it applies to any type of photography you want to
do. Stay focused on what you want.

Problembaer2 says:

Thats a canon EF 400mm f/2.8 L IS USM lens. But you can use as well a 300mm
f/2.8 in conjunction with an APS-C (= cheaper 😉

jbethel3321 says:

I dream of your job.

ozdocoman says:

bindazzone: For crying out load dude, this bloke has thrown you a
bone,,,the rest is up to you. Get out there and shoot. Don’t expect
somebody to just hand you their YEARS of experience. You will probably
stuff up your shoot,,,,but that my friend is what will bring you back and
make you do it better. Not that I’m any sports photographer mind you. I’m
shortly about to learn how hard it is to shoot basketball, (my son). Ask
for tips, not specifics, those you need to learn.

BrandonKingVloggin says:

Well it could work if you’re closer to the action. That low aperture means
better chance of using extremely high shutter speed.

Craig Jardine says:

we do, isolate the subject, bin any “extra”

Kevin Wang says:

Granted, but I think newspapers are more likely to use images from a DSLR
rather than images from a cell phone. 😛

Smorter says:

Not knowing the focal lengths of his own lenses seriously damages the
credibility of this photographer and the videos 17-35 we can give the
benefit of the doubt for since you can’t tell from this video size
80-200…that is a black lens. This one is clearly white

IronGiant6369 says:

WHY IS THAT LENS SO BIG. I need some new stuff for my camera.

Jd Malave says:

i’ll take advice from someone who has made it. You have to have some skill
to get a job at Getty. If he’s there his advices is worth hearing.

cockyjeremy says:

No, but he’s BS’ing everyone. lol. No way you’re going get that with that
gear, especially a 50mm lens.

maryloucries says:

u let things get to you too easily. it’s annoying

Jd Malave says:

got a link to some amazing sports photos taken with 550D & 50MM 1.4

ShutYourMouthBiotch says:

he probably said 80-200mm because that must have been the lens he knew
before canon upgraded to the 70-200mm L

incognito611 says:

It’s amazing how much we can learn. I remember finding this video a few
months ago when I got into photography. When he first said an 80-200 MM 2.8
was an essential starting lens, it didn’t make any sense. Seeing it now and
hearing that, I was thinking “Oh, well of course!” Man I’ve learned a lot.

TBoy205 says:

There isn’t even an 80-200mm >.> Really, I also like how you were looking
all over the place every second.

Chris Andonoski says:

@martybop jared is one in the 30% which is afro! xD

ihateyaacov says:

canon or nikon?????? please help out (for sports photography)

RUDEI30Y says:

Really good video. I would love to be a sports photographer, maybe not full
time, but I really enjoy it. I only just got into photography at christmas
when I was given a 500D. I managed to borrow a 70-200 f2.8L and since then
have had photos of local sports events in the paper every week almost.
However, I can’t borrow it forever and I’m now stuck with what lens to buy.
I can’t really afford a 70-200 f2.8IS so I can go for a 70-200 f2.8 or f4
IS. What should I do?

dev2k8 says:

one of the most honest straight forward and genuine pc of video for
photographers that i’ve seen!!!

Paul Oliver says:

You mention a few f2.8 Lens to start with. Do you know the Nikon
Equilivants?? Thank you.

kzrick188 says:

Oh please, while you guys worry about focal lengths, I’ll go out to have
some fun making some photos.

canonsucks says:

He probably said 80-200 because that was the mid-range telephoto lens when
he started out and that’s what he is used to saying…

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