Fstoppers Tutorial: How To Light Wedding Reception Venues for Wedding Photography

Fstoppers Tutorial:  How To Light Wedding Reception Venues for Wedding Photography

www.fstoppers.com/weddingdvd Here is a short excerpt from our 14 hour digital tutorial on all things wedding photography.



saquist says:

Alot of great information here. You are one of the first to actually
online these methods on youtube. This was my biggest problem at weddings
and I hated the pictures I got. I recently found the Light Stick kitbash
w/ assistant and I think it will solve a bunch of my reception problems.

Teresa Huskey says:

this would have been great if i hadn’t already purchased the downloads and
now I’m seeing what i paid for being posted for free. :(

Ivan Skelnychev says:

18:25 men you have some spirit behind you !

merasanam says:

Isn’t that 1000W light annoying for the guests ? A flash here and there is
nothing. But too see the entire room flash before your eyes might be very

Design Magic says:

so how often do you wanna change your batteries on an event from one of
those super high light stands?


Hi There
If I shoot at 800iso there is alot of grain in my images but you say that
you crank your iso up to 3200 so how does ur images look afterwards or am i
doin something wrong.

Faisal Barbhuiya says:

I was wondering why you would change your aperture to control light if you
subject comes too close to a speedlight? Why wouldn’t you just bump up your
shutter speed, while keeping a shallow depth of field for the creamy look.
Unless using the pocket wizard does not allow you to shoot over 200. To me,
that poses a problem, I like shooting at f/2.0 – f/3.5 majority of the
time. Creates separation from the background and lets in more light.
Great video, definitely learned quite a bit. 

burd1234 says:

Dudes really needed to see a video like this, no problem shooting the
ceremony and the wedding portraits my problem is lighting up the reception
area where I’m not use too, thanks for the awesome tips you guys are the

Saša Trifunovski says:

Quick question – how many lights do you guys usually use? Pocket wizard
seens to be must have, eh? =) 

Dominic Ballard says:

Whats the song they use for this in the background? They use it in every

Damon Rickett says:

Thought I would share a link to a video that gives some effective lighting
ideas that could be applied to portraits/events.

Ivo Chupetlovski says:

04:10 Michael Shainblum ?

Vadim Balandin says:

thank you for the video, guys!

patricio madrid says:


Ricardo Büchner says:

Very informative. I tried doing similar setups on my weddings, but one
thing came in the way: the lack of IR focus assistant light.
When you have a flash on camera, the IR helps me get the photo as soon as I
lock the focus on my subject.
How do you lock focus using your setup, in a very dim room?
thank you!

Eric R says:

You guys are working WAY TOO HARD to light your weddings. And you require
MUCH MORE EQUIPMENT than needed. There is a much easier way. Use an
on-camera flash with a Rogue Flashbender (or something similar) to soften
the key light. Then put an old Nikon SB-26 (has an electric eye that
triggers the flash when it sees a flash) on a monopod. Hire an aspiring
student to hold the SB-26 behind your subjects. This gives you soft
lighting up front and a separation light from the SB-26. 

Jaytee1o4 says:

Awesome video thanks a lot! I’ve been scared to use flash just because I
have no idea where to start. This helped a lot 

mrisaiahmiller says:

This is great, thank you!

Lauri K says:

Great tutorial, thanks!

Lyn Porter says:

I’ve been looking at buying a Nikon D800 or D800e do you have any comments
which is better for photographing people. Love this tutorial btw, saving
for the dvd as I type

Miguel Angel says:

Yongnuo 622 tranceiver is the the best, Hight speed sync, IR focus
assistant, TTL system,$40.each, and more. 

Saša Trifunovski says:

D600 + Tamron 24-70, now that’s the combo 😉
Thanks for the video guys, most helpful =) 

shankster says:

What’s a light wedding? Does it differ from a normal wedding? In what way?
You should have stayed in school.

TruthAndMoreTruth says:

Sooo, is this a pocket wizard advertisement?

TruthAndMoreTruth says:

The only cameras that take good images with ISO 800 or above are those with
full frame sensors.
Full frame cameras are crazy expensive.

Galo Paguay says:

Iluminación Bodas

JC Crafford Photography says:
Fstoppers Fans says:

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