Free Photography Lessons, Part 3: Exposure, Light & Color

Free Photography Lessons, Part 3: Exposure,  Light & Color

I gladly offer this basic, 5-part series of photography lessons FOR FREE! Our world has become increasingly visual in the way we communicate. We not only tak...



yachtseadove says:

Hi Jim, thank you very much for the beaut lessons. Unfortunately I do not
have access to the internet very often as I live in a remote area. Is it
possible to save the videos? thank you SeaDove

Jimbacsi says:

Your photos probably blur because the light on your subject is too low.
Your camera compensates by lowering the shutter speed. Anything that
moves–INCLUDING YOU–causes motion blur. One option is to raise your
camera’s ISO setting. For example, if it’s set at 200, raise it to 800 or
1,000. Otherwise, open curtains, turn on more lights or…use a flash. I
hope that helps. 😉


Excellent videos..have helped me a great deal….thank you

jay says:

your lessons are great! I am doing a photography project for school and my
teacher has gone over all these principles. thanks.

criticalcommonmind says:

Thanks, Jim, after going through all of your great lessons, I finally might
be able to use my reflex camera as it is meant to be! Keep on teaching!!!

meltdownman1 says:

Download Real Player. It has a feature that pops up above the video frame
here on Youtube and says “download”. It saves the file as a “FLV” (Flash
Video” which you can replay in Real Player at any time in the future. Hope
that helps. The Meltdownman

haroldmasong says:

thanks you! Philippines….

ahmadhakam says:

I very often want what I take is what is our eyes tell us. So I want my
photograph results are as natural as what our eyes see. How can I do it?

ValueMSW says:

it’s a great series of photography lesson. thanks for sharing! more power
to you, jim!

Talking Animals says:

Really enjoying these videos. I have a Canon EOS 5D Mk II coming, and
although I’ll be using it primarily for video, I know that all of this info
will likely apply. Thanks for taking the time to put all of this together.
It is very intelligently structured and you deliver it very well.

REALITYjk says:


Jimbacsi says:

Hi SeaDove. Write me a personal message. I will see what I can do to get
these lessons to you in another form. Thanks for your kind words.

ToothbrushInnuendo says:

@ShaneANDKourtney You’re very alike to me. I am 12 and i want to learn
photography, and spend my whole life traveling in an rv. Just imagine how
alive you could feel travelling and hiking every day….

BeccyWall says:

thanks for an amazing video!

Angelo Concepcion says:

great vids… thanks for the effort!!!

grumpyunderworl says:

Interesting clip, I was recently reading about something similar on
thephotographyclinic (.) com

TheSushimi says:

All I can say is Thank you very much for the free lesson. More power…

Jimbacsi says:

@albes421 , can I kindly ask you to refrain from “flaming” here? I’m a very
open-minded person who likes people to have the freedom to speak their
mind, but do you really have to resort to such a low place? Lots of young
people enjoy these videos. Please. (and don’t forget–I have the “block
user” button).

hannah jaghab says:

Thank you for these wonderful tutorials! I got a new camra and i love using
it! This makes it even better! Thank you alit!!!!

zeyer73 says:

how do you bounce the flash??? great lessons by the way

Jimbacsi says:

@zeyer73, Good question. The flash has to have the ability to swivel to be
aimed at reflective walls and ceiling. The rest is a matter of
experimentation and reading your own flash’s product manual. There are no
exact exposures, but once you buy a flash with a swivel and tilt head, I
suggest you experiment and enjoy!

Jimbacsi says:

It never ceases to amaze me how much people are enjoying these simple
lessons. You are quite welcome! I’m so honored to be able to serve others
this way. Do me a favor, take great shots! 🙂

Itchie dimacali says:

@yachtseadove Download program “youtube downloader”. It’s free…

Raymond Anthony says:

When I do not use flash, my pictures are always blurry! How can I change
the blurriness of a photo without using flash?!?!?! Some one PLEASE Answer.

Jimbacsi says:

You’re correct– “narrow suggestion” under time constraints. 😉 To
elaborate, if you need “stop action” & LIGHTING CONDITIONS ALLOW, use
shutter priority. If there’s not enough light…well, there’s not enough
light. Some new DSLRs (Canon 5D Mark III or Nikon D800) have amazing
sensors that offer high ISOs & minimal noise or graininess. If you’re
fortunate to own one, that enables faster shutters in low light. Besides,
the right kind of blur makes an awesome motion shot! Thx for your comment!

Denikk Jurcsik says:

Amazing lessons….! So easy to learn from… I just can’t wait to finally
buy the camera that I have been wanting for so long and try everything you
taught us…. Please make more

shaninaiza says:

Thank you for posting these videos. They’re very helpful. I love

mbtemlett says:

you can also use a piece of cardboard or a paper cup as a means to aim your
built in flash right above the subject you are shooting

TheFaith1122 says:

What can i say Jim? i’m speechless. In all my years of learning anything at
all i’ve never ever been so engaged and interested, even the dumiest of
dumies can understund what u’re talking about. You’re so good at what you
do and to do it for free! hands up to u. I’m on my knees, very honored
learning from.Such a soothing down to earth voice. Thank you very much Jim.

erinallerite says:

Thanks for sharing this Jim. .Do you have a facebook account? Maybe i could
send you a message just in case I wanna know something about photography..
Your lessons are very helpful.. Please do add me up — > .. Thanks

Aliyah Laeticia says:

Hello there! Have you thought about photo sfxart tricks (do a search on
google)? My work buddy Diana made some incredible photos with their
photography tutorials.

ExNihiloJimmy says:

I like exposure 😀

ShaneANDKourtney says:

Your lessons are really great! I really Thankyou for doing these free
lessons online because i am still 12 yrs old and at my school they do not
do any photography lessons and i really want my future to be in photography
and work abroad and i know that i got to start working from now! Thanks
Alot! =]

Jessy W says:

OMG! Get a life.

frank ace says:

fuckin fagggot

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