[FRAMED] Episode 9: Joel Grimes Composite Photography

[FRAMED] Episode 9: Joel Grimes Composite Photography

Joel was first introduced to photography his freshman year in high school and from the very beginning it was a perfect match. By the time he began college, h...



Belal Khan says:

Excellent lessons on lighting, photography, and branding in this
documentary. A must watch!

jason williams says:

This is such a great guy, who has a great vision and concept. I just love
what he produces and this video certainly helps you see his process and
vision. Thanks for sharing this 

Palmstar125 says:

HAHA,, Broncos…

Francisco Notti says:

Photography? :/

Photographic Learning Resources says:

Joel Grimes Composite Photography

a. göbel says:

disappointed = 45 min talking (- playing guitar …) with tec-info of max
15 min…..

bobby keys says:

Great video with awesome info!

gareth purnell says:

I really like the relaxed manner that Joel present himself. He gives
inspiring information,that is very candid about hispersonal and amazing
techniques, thanks Joel.

Giorgos Rodis says:

A WONDERFUL Man !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stian Olsen-dahl says:

Awesome photographer, Joel Grimes. Worth watching! 

Mike Fisher says:

I viewed a lot of U Tube videos about photography, most of them are so so
or just out right wrong. But this is the Best I ever view and one of the
very view I actually watched all the way, 47 minutes. I recommend view this
and follow the recommendation by Joel.

Wayne Murphy says:

Check out Joel Grimes! Awesome stuff to learn.. great teacher.

Paul Charlton says:

Very interesting video of Pro Photographer Joel Grimes…. check it out :0)

Sam Breach says:

The day job has been kicking my arse lately. At least I can listen to you
tube as I am working. Just watched this episode by +Joel Grimes about him
and his composite photography and it is really inspiring. He makes things
seem doable. Worth a watch, definitely…

Danny Irvine says:

I love Joel Grimes work and I find him inspirational to listen to. I hope
you enjoy this video.

Richard Segi Sinasta says:

Great video interview with Joel Grimes.
[FRAMED] Episode 9: Joel Grimes Composite Photography

Joe Pacheco says:

So much knowledge. … love Joel Grimes

Digi Philm says:

Thought this was nice.

Scott Flaherty says:

One of my favorites. Joel is a phenomenal photographer.

Scott Lavender says:

+Mark Bystry a friend of mine shared this link about HDR photography. from
his description i thought you might enjoy this. i haven’t had time to watch
it myself yet.

Jeff Rodgers says:

Photographers: Check out my buddy Joel Grimes on FRAMED. Tons of great

Mike Fitton says:

Such an inspirational photographer and teacher…! It’s 47:08 long, but
well worth the time to look at!!

Andrew Hurst says:

Thought this was nice.

Younes Bounhar says:

One of my favorites. Joel is a phenomenal photographer.

Will Guthrie says:

Awesome stuff and very inspirational. Some great nuggets of wisdom and
generous with showing his technique and style. Excellent 47 minutes from
the Framed team, cheers.

splutzer says:

Thank you Framed for taking the time to talk with the assistant, make-up
artists, clothing, and the talent… Most photo-series spend all the time
on the photographer, and then show the work, without paying the respect to
all of those who contributed.

eddyla00 says:

Really love this guy, what ever he said make sense…

Al Gordon says:

Joel is an artist, love love his photography! Nice to see how he works,
also great that he has been around since the film days and has transitioned
into one of the finest digital photographers. Would have loved to have
assisted him on assignments!

Photographic Learning Resources says:

[FRAMED] Episode 9: Joel Grimes Composite Photography

Framed Show says:

@kerdogz2000 Thank YOU

romanptg says:

Never Once says what lens he’s using-135mm 85mm–Your guess is as good as

β Ori says:

I know Joel IRL (the Grimes family was in the same homeschool group as
mine) and he’s certainly a very nice guy and an excellent photographer to
work with! Thanks for doing this episode on him, he certainly deserves it.

LuminatX says:

So basically hes a graphic designer now.

Wesley Nicholls says:

Hard work will out perform talent? What none sense is he saying…. It is
the hard work with talent that makes greatness…

Paul Hodgson says:

Superb episode, one of the best and such a great bloke.

The Photo Booth Chick says:

Awesome! Very inspiring!!!

Capnbooboo Meow says:

r u both sleeping with this girl?

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