[FRAMED] Episode 5: Chris Orwig Find Your Passion

[FRAMED] Episode 5:  Chris Orwig Find Your Passion

Many photographers are self-taught, and others learn from the best. And this photographer, is one of the best. Why? Because he has found his voice and follow...



Jan Otero says:


nickynunn says:

really good ,inspiring,just wish (as a small aside) that the music wasnt
louder than the dialogue

Tim Dobbs says:

really interesting interview……

Kwame Johnson says:

Chris Orwig is one of the coolest people I’ve ever seen. I would love to
spend 10 minutes with him.

Andrew McKenna says:

Pretty cool video from Framed.
The second half is mostly about a Photoshop tutorial of sorts but the first
is an interview with Chris Orwig

sixstringer82 says:

great photographer, but why do we insist on giving a shit if “celebrities”
as him for help? as if to suggest celebrities are the pinnacle measurement
of everything. like non “celebrities” could not possible be as talented or
important. celebrity is a popularity competition, brittany spears is
popular does it make her good? you judge.

ptlofts says:

@thegabischip Casio

matthew Cardinal says:

You can bash him with words but you cannot knock him down, C.O. is a
teacher of photography and adobe, and he rocks!!!

B. Jack says:

I like C.O. but the audio quality was crap- Next time can u mic your guests.

Zeno C says:

Chris you Inspirer me and I’m and og……….Thanx

bayek says:

check out Lynda.com 🙂

DarkAngelEU says:

no problem, call me anytime if you need to get butthurt again 😉

Mattias Alfborger says:

background music in interviews… cmon…


@18:40 I became genuinely confused, a challenge shooting on expired film.
Well that would just make you lazy, since when did sheet film leave this
world? So I understand he shot the polaroid, but does he treat this a test
only? I was just curious if that Polaroid (or Fuji) was his final image.

Anthony Da Vall says:

What lens was used to shoot this video with? I ask because I’ve noticed
lots of visual distortion in the video.

kingalias says:

If all that was needed was more contrast @ 38:35, why did he go to
photoshop to adjust the tone curve instead of just doing it in Lightroom? I
don’t understand the extra step….

KSAL25redscarf says:

I agree with pp, the music during the interview is bleh. It’s distracting,
stop it!

Jason Laurain says:

Wonderful episode !

powermichiel says:

Get a proper mic !!! For the rest awesome 😉

Michael McGee says:

Love watching this over and over

Lala Mabaso says:

does anyone know what large format camera that it?

Lala Mabaso says:

Chris is the man. I learned a lot of photoshop tips and tricks from him
back when photoshop cs was hot. I still use what I learned from him. Did
you know that you can create a curves layer and set its blending mode to
“softlight” to increase the contrast of your photo?

kingalias says:

You mean YOU are of the impression. Clearly he can’t be too down on
Lightroom if he exported from program. Thanks for being an ass, tho.

dude says:

did anyone notice what the guy in the background of 28:23 is doing, lol…
(can’t do that in front of a camera buddy!) ..

Gabriel Tiberiu says:

Can somebody please tell me what type of watch (brand) is Chris Orwig

Christopher Thomsen says:

music is WAY too loud when CO talks… can’t hear him for it :/

Dusty Rhodes says:

@jonnyboy8000 [Framed] is better than tv!

jonnyboy8000 says:

51 min , man Ilike watching this on tv

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