DSLR Basic Settings Tutorial – Photography/Videography 101

DSLR Basic Settings Tutorial – Photography/Videography 101

Never used a camera before? Want to learn how? If you just bought a DSLR or any camera and want to learn how to use it, this is the video for you! This tutor...



FashionIdeas4You says:

I just bought the 70D and this is the best video i have ever seen! Thanks!

BrensJoint says:

Brilliant tutorial!

Bryan Murphy says:

Simply an INCREDIBLE tutorial!!! Thanks so much!!!

Raheem D says:

This was very informative, glad that +schmoyoho shared it!

schmoyoho says:

Steven DiCasa: enlightening the would-be filmmakers of the universe one
tutorial at a time. 

chriscauldermusic says:

By far, this is the best, and most well-explained video on the basics of
videography and photography. Bravo, truly. I’m sure pro photographers &
videographers will agree.

E Worth says:

Great job batman!! Steve you are the best- thanks again…Btw you should
run for president..!!

Keiden L. says:

How the *uck do you spell Staccato indeed lol, anyways amazing tutorial,
entertaining also. As a cinematographer and somewhat of a photographer I
really like a clear explanation of what I’m sometimes doing without even
thinking. Great stuff.

Barry Cazimir says:

Dude this is one of the best video about camera settings that i have ever
watch great job man thanks i learned alot today man thanks keep up the
great video and keep filming thanks

AmenaYaman says:

Best. Video. Ever. I learned so much from you. THANK YOU!


Dicasa you did an AMAZiNG job!!! Defenitely the best (and why not,funny)
tutorial I ever seen. I knew all these things but I enjoyed this video the
same. I am curious why mark 2 is sharper than mark 3 . Well I subscribe
your channel 🙂 Are you from NY?

outerspacefunk says:

The best always

Jarrod Tetreault says:

I’ve been subscribed to your channel for quite a while. I don’t have any
actual questions, just wanted to leave a comment. I think this may be one
of my all time favourite tutorials EVER! You covered so much good stuff
here, and even for the intermediate photographer or D.O.P., this is amazing
to have the exposure triangle (even though you never referred to it as the
“exposure triangle”) explained so thoroughly! It’s like a refresher course
to all the stuff we learned, but sort of forgot. I am adding this clip to
my favourites, and will be back again and again (I also sent the link along
to friends who have recently bought their own DSLR cameras). 

angeliuss82 says:

Great job… thank you so much ! :)

Michiel Venmans says:

Great video man!

Juanan Fernández says:

This tutorial is unbelievable, you’re really talented at teaching, man.
Just one thing: in the last part, the video/film makers are not only locked
in terms of F stop, but also regarding aperture, following the 180º rule,
isn’t it? Then we have only need to “play” or figure out what to do with
the ISO! Many thanks!

Ron Williams says:

Man, great video and awesome job teaching. It’s still a little challenging
to grasp the technical aspects but it will come as I play more with the
settings. You rock my friend and keep helping us rookies produce great
film and photos.

SimonVisionMedia1 says:

Greaaaat tutorial man! I just got a bunch of gear including the Canon 70D
with a Sigma lens 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM. I love the auto focus feature. Let
me know if you are aware of a monitor that I can add to my 70D that still
allows the auto focus to work…thanks.

이호철 says:


Randy Parker says:

Great job! This is a great tutorial that I will be sending to friends and
fellow film makers.

Oussama Hamama says:

Incredibely explained,thank you so much !! 

Martin Cabungcal says:

Honestly the most useful video on DSLR cameras that I can’t thank you
enough for posting! Thank you Mr.DiCasa!

thunderwave says:

realy enjoy this video 🙂 .im confuse a lot which camera to buy for
filmmaking .can u help me please .

pramod jois says:

It is a good lesson

Ricky N says:

DSLR Basic Settings Tutorial – Photography/Videography 101

Bernie Blue says:

You’re good ! 🙂 thanks sharing this with the world 

wildingvenn says:

That was an incredible lesson and really clarified some things that I was
having trouble remembering. Would mind doing a tutorial explaining white
balance for video (what it is and how to use it)? Thanks again!

Raj shomary says:

Thank you very for tutorial I just bought canon 700d I hope it will do some
But I just want to ask you what the best memory card to use for both
photograph and video.

Robert Ralph says:

Super informative. Thank you for taking the time to do it!!!

Jimmy Pats says:


Task OneThreeThreeSeven says:

What about white balance?

Rafe says:

Great Job… again.

Isaac Angel says:

Amazing, u made it s9 clear, so understandable that even an ape could use a
camera now… wonderful job! 

Moon Willow says:

This was SO HELPFUL!!! Thank you! =)

Oliver Cukor says:

Nice tutorial, you couldn’t have said it better. I think it may be too in
depth for a beginner. The only thing you missed which might be of some use
to beginners is how to work automatic modes with aperture priority or
shutter priority to get certain images that they might have been trying to
achieve but they didn’t know how.

Alex Foster says:

That was a pretty good 101 class. if I never, took a picture, or shot any
video, this would give me the confidence to do it and do it well

Alan Smith says:

Nice man, I have cameras but have never actually opened the sensor without
the lens to see the sensor and shutter at work. Thanks!

Tech Days says:

THIS….IS….OFFICIALLY…..the best explained video i have ever watched.
I cant believe i watched tons of youtube videos and this ONE video
explained it all. Amazing. I had to leave a comment. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

mercurius6699 says:

This was a FANTASTIC tutorial for a newbie like me. Thank you so so so
much. It was clear, well-paced, easy to follow, entertaining and I learned
loads. Well done – look fwd to exploring the rest of your videos.

Harishwaran sarfoji says:

Puns so deep

godaistudios says:

Very informative and succinct. My settings are a bit different since I’m
using a Sony A77, but I love how you made it general enough to get it.
Since you did go into D.O.F. I also understand that the focal length of the
lens plays a role in that. 

Argman says:

Awesome Tutorial!Thank you so much! it’s very hard to find a great
cinematography tutorial.Very helpful

Melvin Ramos says:

Really helpful for beginners like me! Also I can’t stop laughing at 46:31
Keep up the amazing work.. Greetings from Venezuela

Versatile Muzik says:

excellent tutorial friend. informative and detailed. #respect 

LEDlightsDMXcontrols says:

Best explanation hands down. Very detailed and direct to the point!
Appreciate all the hard work you put into making this 🙂 cheers

Healthy Drive says:

wow thank you so much! It was incredibly helpful and you explain in a great
easy way!

BudapestScenes says:

Amazing tutorial! Simply the best one all over YT. Thanks a ton for your
efforts to help us!

KoollifeTv says:

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she should be remove from YouTube… Keep the good work bro this video
worth more than $2,000 please kindly make a website so that we can donate
for you good work… I like u

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