Digital Photography Lesson – Skin tones part 1 of 4

Digital Photography Lesson – Skin tones part 1 of 4

I caught this show on my television and absolutely love it. I wish it was on more often. I tivo-ed it and figured I'd share it with others. If you want to le...



Learn to Click says:

Great information for beginners using compact digital cameras. Thanks for

Kamukix says:

It’s nice to see something out of the norm for photography instruction.
There are a whole lot more people using those compact digital cameras than
those using SLR/DSLR bodies. For them this is an very good video to stop
relying on easy modes. There are also many amateurs with DSLR’s that don’t
need nor know how to use them as well. Be easy on them as you were there
once as well, and still may be but not know it yet. I know a few pro’s
shooting compacts only though I prefer SLR bodies. Kei

redtippmann says:

Or you can get a DSLR

carlobritt says:

really nice video!



ispaniola says:

PHOTOTIP . B I Z is a nice site with a little bit of everything, but there
are lots of other great (free:-) sources for all kinds of photography.
But,if you know the really basics (aperture/focal length/light
metering/DOV/framing etc), you should really just start Pretty much all the
problems you’ll bump into are problems that lots of others have had in the
past and can give you great tips on how to handle them. So,just pick your
kind of photography (skies,landscape,portrait) and just start!

dwimalu says:

That’s really cool.Thanks for sharing

Xiao Hei says:

Excellent video! Thanks!

ispaniola says:

Really, there is no “beginning”. Ok, there is if you dont know the terms
you just described and dont know the basics of photography/your camera. But
if you at least understand them (though maybe not yet practiced in
reality), then it really depends what kind of photographs you want to make
Photography is already an expensive hobby, so it would be good to start
focusing (more) on a kind of photography you like/want to learn more about

Dody B Satriyo says:

Cool, do u have the others -thanks-

dcabral31 says:

Excellent Stuff. Please, keep it coming!!

virandan says:

That’s great thank you finally something easy and clear!!!!!!!

venomxtc says:

WOW WOW WOW!!! now this is cool!! 5*’s

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