Digital Camera Hack! Learn the secret the stores don’t want you to know!

Digital Camera Hack! Learn the secret the stores don’t want you to know!

Hack a $20 one-time use digital camera and use it over and over! First time on YouTube! More details at Check out my other v...



curby stmary says:

if the cops came after you good,and i doubt this isn’t yp
Your real voice

Ken J. says:

Why bother? It’s better to buy a proper camera.

TheWarHorse100 says:

Female connector!?!

davidenespana says:

“The photos turn out pretty good” …ok, right. Let’s see. In Honest
English this really means “the photos are completely shite” Why would I
waste my life doing this when my phone can do better, and for serious
photography I already have a halfway decent compact which didn’t cost the
earth? Even more mysterious is why Kipkay should waste HIS life producing
such a useless video.

natalie Mattoon says:


Most annoying

minecraftwithkitties says:

0:17 oh the irony

JayBee120 says:

I didn’t see any cameras like this on my visit to Florida last year,
probably because I wasn’t really looking for one!

leo hill-kawai says:

Your vids are amazing! You have just earned a subscriber;)

Rusolek84 says:

Thanks but can you show to get more photos?

Turbine68 says:

With that voice it feels like your going to sell me something.

Jake DHG WhatchuDoin says:


kwacz says:

why dont you just go online and buy one for 20 bucks. its way easier. a
friend of mine bought 2 for 19.95 online, paid less than you would pay
making the hack and it does videos and stills. it surprisingly took very
good pictures

Roger Davis says:

reading lyke Gbench comments is a waste of time!

Vin Benzine says:

“One time use” digital camera’s? Seriously?

zak armstrong says:

cheap ass

glitch4465 says:

I remember asking my dad once why the cables are called male and female.
Now I understand why he made the most awkward facial expression.

Iyke Gbench says:

what a waste of time

bazthehandyman says:

No wonder the worlds in this S…t if those are disposable.

IhateyuOmyGot says:


esqueue says:

I wonder if people realized that this video was made in 2010. This was
actually not such a bad idea back then.

brianbuddy2 says:

how the hell can this video have dislikes?

John Dough says:

no one uses these things we all have cell phones now with 8 mp cams

LegoTechPlane says:

But when I was a child the one-use cameras weren’t digital, they had a

king tim Wong says:
36254518 36254518 says:

☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over youtube
/ so he can take over
and return the old comment section

PCX says:

Turn annotations ON.

jifi doank says:

doesn’t work

Leigton Petersen says:

Those cameras don’t charge people who wrote how do you charge it

Liam44471 says:

Alo, balo, nalo, Kalo, lalo

Cameron Litton says:

Tux is a sexy motherfucker

Nate Rice says:

1,981,888 lol idk •w•

arkki112 says:

But you are mentally at the level of an 8 year old

ElendilAndAragorn says:

Why not use old digital cameras as digital cameras? They can be picked up
for varying prices on Amazon/eBay

Rekoyl116 says:

holy fuck. why would you bother.

ThePepsiMan44 says:


gandalfwiz20007 says:

one question: who uses these camera? a digital camera is very cheap, 50$
costs a 12MP one 😀

sharks445 says:

Good. Now show us how to do it with a film camera

Bici Mann says:

I did, actually.

AthoFlex2 says:

Beach, please. 275 years ago.

Theres12345678 says:

Smash it all up!

David Nkaka says:

Than why would you copy me?

Costas Papadopoulos says:

xD Go and steal your mums bag and buy a real one JK

theepicbudgieman says:

not hacking

AlbinoCookie says:

I was the 6,000th like… :3

Gerardo B says:


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