Create A WordPress Website (FREE Photography “HATCH” Theme)! 2013

Create A WordPress Website (FREE Photography “HATCH” Theme)! 2013 How to create a WordPress website to showcase your photographs & images? Learn how to create a WordPress website step-by-step from...



ayachuca says:

Great tutorial!!! Thank you for this!
I’m having one problem – all thumbnails from home page looks a bit blurry.
Is there a way to fix this issue?

Nak Kh says:

Very helpful for me. Thank! Let me ask you a question. Can WP do
E-Commerce C2C (like Ebay/Amazon)? Thank in advance for your reply.

Cigdem Ozluk says:

Hey, this video is really helpful and I am using it. Thank you for this.
However, please don’t get me wrong but you are explaining every little tiny
actions you are doing and this makes it quite frustrating for the watcher.
For example you don’t really need to explain the every square pixel that
your cursor visits. Thank you again for your help. 

Cedrix Rutto says:

Thanks much

luka bunic says:

great and clear tutorial. tnx!

sayed akbarali says:

Thanks for the tuts it was very very Helpfull

jieziyin G says:

Thanks very much for your great tutorial video here. I may try to create a
website for my own by follow your video step by step. Hope I can success.

Bartosz Bąk says:

Thanks You very much for this tutorial, helped me a lot ;)

Scoular Image Inc says:

Hey there, thanks for this. So I made my site. Is
there a way for me embed a video on the large image on the home page? So
first thing people see is my Reel? Also do you recommend a template that is
for video/films/commercials? thanks for tutorials.

Polina Fridman says:

Hi! Thank you very much for this tutorial, my website is almost done. One
thing I would like to do though is have 2 sub-links from my home page
‘portfolio’, one link ‘graphic design’ and the other one ‘photography’. I
want both to look just like the front page. Is that possible?

leekheed says:

Hi Katrina, great tutorial and thanks, seen a few comments about jetpack
carousal and its also not working for me (i have it working on another
website/theme), tried deleting/reinstalling etc and still not working, i
don’t have any other media plugins and was wondering if you know a way to
resolve this. thanks 

John Simons says:

Nice tutorial. I’ve followed your instructions and was excited about being
able to have several images in a post show up in a slideshow/carousel mode.
However, no matter what I’ve tried, my images just show up on another page.
I’ve deactivated every plugin but jet pack and nothing works. Is this a
problem with the latest version of hatch & jetpack? My site is and you can see the problem when you click on an image.


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Hi Jo says:

Thanks for this video! great job!! very helpful! I have one questions. How
do you prepare images for blog? My featured image looks good in home page
but the same image in “header” post looks bad, has more pixels, I don’t
know why… Please help:) best regards

Sweizd says:

Love your video – I can’t thank you enough for posting it. If you have
time for a question, I’d be very appreciative – – I started a website
awhile ago, added some things to it but ended up letting it sit forever
because I couldn’t figure it out, I’ve been trying to educate myself on how
to finish the site, and finally came across your video – THANK YOU!!! I’m
part way through it, and have done a few things your video mentioned to do;
but my results are weird: 1.) The background photo on the Maintenance page
is tiled, a bunch of little pics instead of one and 2.) On my pages, the
text I put in there won’t show when in “visit site” mode – none of it, not
even on the first page. I can see the titles but not the text. Any
thoughts on either of these issues? I sincerely appreciate your time!! 

Kiss The Light says:

Hey Katrina. Thanks so much for this tutorial. Really well structured and
imparted. Thanks again and God Bless.

Prajwal Bhat says:

Beautiful work by a beautiful lady!!! just great stuff.

william szczerba says:

Again your teaching is perfect

helios says:

great, thanks for pointing out the screen options on menus 🙂 i found the
format tab 🙂

Matt Saxton says:

Thank you! Very nice website. There are a few things I want to customize
based on what you’ve started here. I’m a journalist and want to add some
additional links/tools for page examples I’ve designed and articles I’ve
written. I believe I can handle this based on some of what you’ve already
shown me, but if I have questions on a few things, would you be willing to
answer questions? If so, how can I contact you?

77webstudio says:

hi fatema, hmm … perhaps try clearing your cache in the other browser? if
your website is working on one browser, it should work on all browsers.
clearing your cache may help.

Jason Lee says:

Thank you so much. You’re a kind soul.

Nur Uddin says:

Can i talk to you? Just only for wish. If so, provide your mail address.

77webstudio says:

hi there, thanks for your comment. there’s no built-in setting in this
theme to change the number of photos that display across the row on the
homepage, however you could make these changes with css customizations. if
you decide to make css changes, it’s a good idea to use a child theme so
that any future theme updates do not override the customizations. hope this

Jean Xu says:

great video!

Fatema Zakir says:

hi there great video…followed step by step. Used theme fuse, saved and
open another browser to see if can see it on my site but it does not
show.please help

Zezinho Candido says:

Katrina my congratulations, I’m from Brazil

helpsavethehumans says:

Thanks for your help. This theme is working pretty well for me, although I
never was able to use the Jetpack carousel photo viewer. I posted the
problem on the Jetpack message board and they told me Hatch is incompatible
with the Jetpack carousel unless you turn off some photo thing that is part
of the Hatch theme. I am wondering: Is there a way to have the menu item
say on thing, but have the title of my Page be another? When I change my
title, it keeps changing my menu item.

77webstudio says:

you’re welcome. thanks for your comment.

Jeannette Jean says:

Thank you! Great tutorial. I’ve learned plenty! One quick question…What
did you do with the Dummy content? You didn’t circle back around the

helpsavethehumans says:

Have you used the Jetpack Carousel lately? I have mine activated, but my
galleries are not coming up with the carousel display.

william szczerba says:

I am a professional but, not fluent in web design /Your teaching is
great/will be doing a website due to you /Love you and owe you lunch God

77webstudio says:

so glad! : )

SuperShockArt says:

Very nice and helpful video. You are very good.

John Simons says:

Katrina, I’ve been following along, but when I post (about 1:13 into video)
no matter how I crop the images down the image is displaying with half the
face cut off – I’ve made the image as small as 205 x 220 and the still only
half the image is displayed and then other image no matter what size they
are display correctly? Is there a secret to getting all the images to
display correctly?

77webstudio says:

hi william, it’s really up to you and what style/design you prefer. if you
are looking for a photography theme, the hatch theme is beautiful (it’s
free) and the woothemes “buro” theme is also very nice (it’s a premium
theme): youtube(dot)com /watch?v=2MwcmWam1dA. best wishes with your
selection. thanks for your comment.

inquisitivegirl rocks says:

My gallery showcases differently…it does not have any options for
comments durring the carousel display of the images.

77webstudio says:

hi sara, yes you can move content (posts, pages, images) from
wordpress(dot)com (free) to wordpress(dot)org (self-hosted). hope this
helps, best wishes with your site!

77webstudio says:

hi there, to increase the width of the menu area you would need to also
need to reduce the area for the logo. you can change CSS styles here:
“appearance” >> “theme settings” >> add your CSS in the box called “custom
css” >> “save”. this theme is a responsive theme so it will resize to fit
well on mobile devices. with that said, in the tablet view looks like it
automatically flows to two rows. current CSS settings are: #menu-primary
{width: 65%; } #branding {width: 35%; } hope this helps.

matthew royce says:


helpsavethehumans says:

Thanks. I reduced the font size and that worked! It seems to stack the
navigation menu items on a mobile device, but I’m not sure about all of
them or about tablets…I suppose each device is different. I noticed the
social media icons only display on the secondary pages. (Anything widgets I
put into the widget area do not show on the home page.) Is there a way to
make the “primary” widget area show up on the home page, too?

helios says:

ok i found the right video, will look now for the format gallery in menu 🙂

77webstudio says:

hi george, thanks for watching! yes, the thumbnail images correspond to the
blog posts, so to change the order, you can change the publish date of your
blog posts (top right hand side in the “publish” box, click “edit” next to
the publish date). hope that helps!

77webstudio says:

sounds great, thanks for your reply, jeanette. best wishes with your site!

77webstudio says:

lol thanks george, you’re awesome for taking the time to comment. thank
you! : )

77webstudio says:

hi there, sounds like you’re using wordpress(dot)com. to add plugins you’ll
need wordpress(dot)org. to learn the difference between the two, please
see: 77webstudio (dot)
com/courses/learn-wordpress/wordpress-com-or-wordpress-org. hope this helps.

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