Controlling Light with Matthew Jordan Smith

Controlling Light with Matthew Jordan Smith

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Hi everyone
Where do you think I can find a spot like this?

Thank you

Khoa Anh says:

thank you 

Dave Johnson says:

I don’t understand what you’d set your aperture to after taking the
readings of each light source.. I get confused because all the videos I
watch on using a light meter say how to take readings and discuss the
readings they get from each light sourc but not what to set your aperture
to… Each light source gives a different reading but obv you only have one
aperture so how do I go about adjusting my aperture to all of the different
readings? Do I just adjust my aperture to the reading of th

SummerSnow543 says:

thank you very much!!

TOCBass31 says:

I use a Sony but I must be doing something wrong cause my images don’t look
like that. LoL

ksearles85 says:

@snakekiller110 I didn’t say they couldn’t compete … but that guy was
saying they are superior … which they just aren’t.

hilltop530 says:

You just gave me a serious kick in the butt to go get a proper meter. Thank

Jax A says:

Oh, and Matthew, your work is inspiring. You seem to have a great eye for
detail and a nice relationship with your models. Thanks for the post.


Thank you so so much for this wonderful tutorial, and may I say I am very
proud of you in this field as I am now more motivated to take it up a step.

halobeaute says:

I googled this guys website & was shocked that it was so poorly done.
Everything else in his video suggests otherwise.


Wonderful video..I have not entered the world of lighting Ratios as yet but
am looking forward to it…cheers

Anthony Louis says:

Love this! Glad to see a pro photographer using Sony! Great results from
your site as well!

Benjamin Amdur says:

@littlemonster0428 hi there… what you want to do is set your aperture to
you desired level for the key light in the case of the video the big
unbrella or the snoot… you then use the characteristic curve to adjust
the fill lights to the desired level…for example with the snoot that read
F11 and the fills were 5.6 he would set his camera for either 11 if he
wanted to correctly expose the snoot or maybe F8 to put it 1 stop over and
bring the fill lights in more…hope this helps a little?

Trey Copelin says:

How do you shop for a meter? I mean, whats important?

stillsandfilm filmco says:

stupid comment. i doubt you’re a professional.

Николай Деревенский says:


aquaphotoboy says:

This is a great video! thanks so much for sharing this!

an04RoadKing says:

How do we know this is a great video and he’s a great photog? Because the
only thing people found to talk down about is his brand of camera. Guess
who makes the sensor for the new Hasselblad. Sony. Guess which new camera
beats the 5D3 and D800…for hundreds less. Sony’s a-99. Guess what doesn’t
matter at all if you have great glass and know your lighting. Camera
manufacturer. If he put tape over “Sony”, you wouldn’t have known or cared.

Dave Johnson says:

*****Of the key/main light?

truknayr23 says:

The first great photographer i have seen to use a sony… cheers!

BigPreme says:

@truknayr23 don’t forget Brian Smith (editorial photographer) and Thomas
Grant (fashion photographer) also shoot with Sony Alpha line. There are
TONS more in japan too.

Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

That’s what I keep saying for my work experience

Noe Garcia says:

@halobeaute Yes very interesting, I googled him too and the site is
extremely simple for the work he does or what the video showcase.

SmalltimR says:

You must have been sleeping under a rock. Every Canon FF DSLR tops out at
10 stops of dynamic range. Whereas crop sensor camera’s like the Pentax K-5
and Nikon D7000 rank at 14. Likewise, the Nikon D800 and D600 have 16 stop
of dynamic range and the Sony A99 is very close behind with 15. And where
is Canon in all of this? stuck at 10. I have no idea what is wrong with the
Canon FF sensor’s but they just can’t seem to compete with the rest of the


Let’s not overlook something, first off, Matt’s an extremely talented
artist. That said, subject folks. Subject regardless of it being a
beautiful model or a rock, it must be lit correctly, shot from the most
appealing angle and it must draw the eye into it’s intended world. Do that
and you don’t need to worry what brand you used. But you do need to
understand how you did it, so you can reproduce any look and feel you can
see in your minds eye! That’s art and it’s not easy or unrelated to talent

anestischatzibeis says:

sooo true!i had some very good photoshoots with a compact camera a
reflector and some tungsten!i m not great but it shows something

elr2141979 says:

he’s a sony pro 🙂

Benjamin Amdur says:

@powerbead Too true! I think it depends on the photographer as well Karl
Lagerfeld’s site is over the top just like him…

Jesus Sifuentes says:

can’t wait to get my Sekonic light meter. Will come in handy when working
with my medium format camera. Awesome video.

markus1030 says:

Matthew Jordan Smith only uses Profoto Lighting. Indoors: It’s either a Pro
8a or Pro 7 Generator with three Pro Flash Heads on the beauty dish, flash
head with snoot, background lights, The Giant reflector, including the hair
light. Outdoors: He’s using again a Pro 8 Pack but this time with one flash
head on a sandbagged C-Stand and a Profoto 50 Degree Magnum Reflector.

dan s. says:

Wow, you’re good. This is enlightening

Chez Chezpro says:

Sony actually makes the CMOS for certain Nikon models


Matthew is THE Lighting Master! Love these shots!!!

Joshua Rudderforth says:

HE SHOOTS SONY!!!! i love it!!!

markus1030 says:

If you really want to use a battery pack with Profoto consider the 7B, D1
with Bat Pac, or Pro-B3 1200 AirS

Jax A says:

If you have the greatest meal you’ve ever eaten at a restaurant, do you go
and compliment the chef on his cook ware? I does not matter if your
equipment cost fifty or ten thousand dollars. If you have the skills and
the knowledge, you can create a masterpiece with anything.

Trey Copelin says:

@zx6rr6xz I have a canon, i have been shooting canon for like 12 years.
Your right in that Sony has cool features. It’s awesome how the 700 had the
dual card reader. And that the flash has flips front back and forth instead
of rotating.

Photo314159 says:

Hm, Sony shooter… I didn’t know there were pros using it. That D3X was a
bit overpriced for the same sensor I must say, lol.

Ratt Enscharf says:

@ksearles85 dont underestimate the sony slrs. the 900 can easily compete
with the top models of nikon/sony, at least in image quality!

SummerSnow543 says:

Please answer! Did you use a battery pack for this (and if so, what kind)?
Is that a flash mounted with the beauty dish or a studio light you brought
outside?? Please, please answer; it would help me indefinitely.

sanjib karmakar says:

The lighting setup is Awesome

Aspergerilla says:

@asjesus1 If the same light is hitting both sides of the face, even if the
face is turned at a 45-degree angle, there’s only a difference of four
inches or so. So the near point would be 36″ and the far point 40″.
According to the inverse square rule, the front eye would get about 10%
more light that the far eye, probably not enough to make a visible

ptlofts says:

This man is my Idol!!!

powerbead says:

It’s a shame that most photographers have crappy web sites, including the
successful ones. I guess they just don’t need it.

SmalltimR says:

I’ve been working with A99 RAW files for the past few days and I am
completely blown away with the quality of the files. Based on my own
observations I’d say it has more than 14 stops of dynamic range and the
noise performance is second to none. all in all, I’d say Sony did a
phenomenal job with this one.

doyoulikechocolate says:

stunningly beautiful model!

ajvisual says:

Who are the haters on this video? MJS did a wonderful job explaining
everything. Those that complain about what type of camera he is using are
brainwashed and probably think the earth is flat. Let go of that old
manufacture marketing brainwashing and learn lighting is the most important
thing in photography. Without light you have nothing. Great job Matthew.

SmalltimR says:

Sony makes most of the sensors found in DSLR’s today and the A99 is proving
to be quite an accomplishment. 🙂

hiltstop says:

@chezchezpro Sony makes the CMOS for a lot of Cameras. The reason they make
them for Nikon, Nikon couldnt make them as cheap as Sony. Nikon put them in
the Nikon D-3100 that is an entry level camera and Nikon dont make them as
small as what they used from Sony. Dont make either camera a bad one, its
just the way companys trade together.

qki111 says:

Thank you for a great video. Sony, Nikon, Canon or what ever camera you
choose to take pictures with, light controll, creativity and your eye for
details are far more important!

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