Chris Garrison shoots action using HyperSync®

Chris Garrison shoots action using HyperSync®

Learn more: Joe Brady hosts Chris Garrison, Red Bull sports photographer, who uses PocketWizard's unique HyperSync® technology with por...



Stephen Pallotta says:

I shot with austin!!! 

Fruitydc ri says:

boringgggg who cares bout u

aiwayamaha says:

Thanks for this

Joseph Skipinski says:

Does the tt5 still need line of sight for the PW slaves? My real question
is: is there any way to hyper sync alien bees with the canon 5dmkIII
without having to worry about the line of sight with the remote and slaves?

Matt Ford says:

I’m sorry but “If you’re continuously focusing it’s going to be crispy
sharp every time” just does not happen. Doesn’t matter that you have a
Nikon D3s or a Canon Rebel. You will always have out of focus shots,
especially if your camera is trying to constantly pull focus on fast moving
subject. I stopped watching the video when he said that. 

TCM photography says:

AWESOME video guys!

tscholent says:

great interview and lots of interesting info…so Chris …what do you
think about the US under 17 winning the worlds in Ice Hockey this year?

Ilya Zhiltsov says:

constant autofocus mens continuous?

Gmagee says:

Without HyperSync® flash exposures can be considered two exposures. One
exposure is for the available light controlled by shutter speed, the other
if the flash exposure controlled by aperture. Because HyperSync requires a
longer duration of the flash, is it’s exposure effected by shutter speed?

mikefrommontreal says:

Awesome video. Thanks guys.

Joseph Gruber says:

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