Canon EOS Landscape Photography Lesson Part 3

Canon EOS Landscape Photography Lesson Part 3

Part three of a landscape photography lesson set in Bratislava in the Slovak Republic. Using the Canon EOS 5D camera and other equipment, two students explor...



apsutiamat says:

Nice! but i see more street photography than landscape on the first part…
but still nice photo…

Maltfalc says:

mostly dull snapshops, some shot at an angle for no good reason, lens hood
on backwards, a bus full of people forced to put up with incredibly
obnoxious behavior… where did they get these hacks?

leografie says:

@AdaAndJared Hi there. I am pretty sure no post was applied to these images
although taking the RAW or JPEG and then inserting into a video will
probably have gone through some colour grading. In terms of those two
pictures, I think you might like early morning or late evening light
(richer colours) and coming from a low angle near the horizon. Think of how
the sun moves across the sky and predict light falling through alleys or
streets to give blocks of light that subjects can walk into.

AdaAndJared says:

What post editing is used in those pictures? I would love to recreate the
picture of that guy sitting in the bus one, and the guy walking into the
beam of sun down that narrow street. Any help would be appreciated, thanks


Good afternoon! Have you had any luck with photo sfxart tricks (search on
google)? My mate Jack made some extraordinary photography with their
photography tutorials.

leografie says:

@apsutiamat Good point. Perhaps it is urban landscape photography?

HoutmeyersP says:

Sorry but i have not seen any landscape shots looking at your video. If you
would give a camera to a novice photographer for a few hours…i am sure he
would come home with very simular photo’s. This video is not all
bad….there is some info on camerasetting that can be used in shooting

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