Beginning Photography Tips & Techniques : Loading Film in 35mm Camera

Beginning Photography Tips & Techniques : Loading Film in 35mm Camera

Load the film wrong and miss a whole role of quality photos! Learn how to load film in a 35mm camera correctly in this free instructional video for beginning...



bottle2lip says:

not exactly true, there are several full maunaul camerea like AE1, K1000,
etc that use a battery, but only for the light meter. U can still operate
the camera and take pictures without a battery, just won’t have exposure
meter at the ready on certain models. Pre EOS days

fluteloop25 says:

Hmm… I’d say if someone has never used a 35mm before, there’s a pretty
good chance of it. How can you not know how to spell?

Adam Golec says:

That’s a lot quicker to do than loading an Holga. Thank God I don’t own one.

James Prill says:

i had one that i couldnt find a batter for either i just got the one close
enough 2 the right size

Beatriz Guitron says:

That helped a lot! I have FM10 Nikon, and this was my 1st time to load it,
and it was perfect! Thanks so much 😀

Dorcas Pang says:

I have one of these camera at home. Do I need a battery for it to work? Cos
I can’t find the battery anywhere. I think it’s too old school, hence not
available anymore. =(

MisterCoreyMe says:

If you have a manual camera, it doesn’t need batteries since its manually
operate. Otherwise if theres a place to put batteries in your camera then
it clearly defeats the purpose of having manually operated camera, no

Rene Cruz III says:

Help! I bought a roll of film with no leader on it, and I’m completely

Alexander Cross says:

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easily with Max Muscle Method (search for it on google).

psychotichealth11 says:

Cool video. I’m just learning myself, I’ve found a lot of helpful tips at
thephotographyclinic (.) com

Dan Olszewski says:

how can you now now how to load film?

PartTimePhotography says:

Good stuff – I’ll pass this along to all my newsletter subscribers.

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