AdoramaPix Rapid Fire Critique #33 – Photography Critique

AdoramaPix Rapid Fire Critique #33 – Photography Critique I love when I see work from beginners using beginner gear but kicking ass with their images. Sure there is a lot of roo...



Koopa S says:

oh cool, fringing only comes from kit lenses? I hate that junk surrounded
branches on top of the sky. I found a way to remove in Lightroom but it
doesn’t work well for me.

moses Lee says:

get a 35mm 1.8 instead. Especially on crop body cameras like the D5100, the
50mm will become too long of a lens for general use, it will become more of
a portrait lens. get a 35mm and you’ll have a very well rounded range with
f stop speeds that you should find pleasing especially coming from a normal
kit lens.

Anthony Dallape says:


Zvaigzne Alcerreca says:

6:16 i dont know if in tht picture the word harw was intencional. but it
would be great if it is.

Mohamed Osama Amr says:

happened to me , tried next day and it worked

baxtermaxtor says:

It’s better to learn the abstract pitfalls here than come back with a shot
you cannot change.

peter kor says:

thanks , we are learning from it . .

AmazingRobbyB says:

Whenever I try to submit my photos it says “Failed to send your message.
Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.”

Aditya Prasad says:

@JaredPolin : In the outdoor pic of the girl with the sun behind her (the
one with the Canon strap), has the photographer used a flash to light the
foreground. Because its very difficult to keep an even exposure in the fore
and backgrounds when shooting into the sun.

Batou says:

when I try to send u for the critique it say: “Failed to send your message.
Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.”…. I do
all right: My name, my email, my filkr, I type “fro” without the quote
marks and i write a message… help!

Dinahhs3 says:

Thanks very helpfully

xrawxtalentx says:

how much would it cost to be your padawan lol

Flavio Presutti says:

“Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator
by another method.” That’s says to me when i’m gonna send to you my
information to “rapid fire critique”

Flavio Presutti says:

Thank you ! I’m gone to try it!

ReaperX3ro says:

What if you don’t use flickr? Could I send you my portfolio instead?

vindingvp says:

Nice jared!

adambombiswaycool says:

She’s in a home now.

Batou says:

so how do you? Lightroom ?? Please help me!

Sam Rogghe says:

Hard… Rock Café

marekknowak says:

Great critique.

Adam Bigelow says:

These are really helpful. Thanks!

16films16 says:

Hi Fro I was wondering if u could make a video on how to do the thing where
u shoot like 10 pictures i 1 second and you turn them into 1 picture with a
person jumping or a skateboarder or something that would be great thanks

niv zigdon says:

now that im thinking about it, you tought me like 80% of everything i know
in the photography field. so just wanted to say thank you! 🙂

John King says:

I disagree, that shot with the sunset and tree is beautiful. I think it is
a very strong image.

Ted justine Pescador says:


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